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Groupe FDJ Joins Cometh Seed Funding Round Through V13INVEST

Leading French national lottery operator sees the future of internet in Web3 and Cometh ☄️

GM Crew Members! While the crypto galaxy currently going through a perilous asteroid field, Cometh is still crushing milestones, securing partnerships and overcoming new challenges.

Today, we have flash news that will make you jump in your starship and join the crew — Cometh has recently raised $10,000,000 through a seed round which was led by White Star Capital and Stake Capital with support from Groupe FDJ’s V13 Invest fund operated by Serena Capital. We know, right? 🤯

The capital will fund the development of future Cometh games and the deployment of its blockchain software suite in the videogame industry — this means… Cometh Beyond, here we come!

Cometh’s white label solutions and integration expertise have received immense interest from major game studios and brands alike. Groupe FDJ has been early in its involvement with blockchain technology and the adoption of Web3 applications. This investment paves the way for future innovations as Marine Egnell, the corporate venture lead at Groupe FDJ puts it:

“We wanted to get closer to an actor such as Cometh with our Serena Operated fund — V13 Invest- because we believe Web3 technologies will be at the heart of the Internet of tomorrow. Cometh develops core infrastructure technologies which foster mutually beneficial relationships for its partners and we plan on using it in the future. We are proud to take part in the funding round of a promising French startup and to support French Tech.”

As the Cometh crew, we are also extremely excited for this integration. The public release of the new Cometh game, Cometh Battle, happened on May 5th, 2022, and Cometh will reach new heights with Groupe FDJ. As you know, Cometh Battle follows the first Cometh game which gathered more than 10,000 players in 2021 and was one of the most active games of the year on Polygon.

“Sharing this team’s journey is especially exciting for us as we believe the gaming industry is on the verge of one of its most groundbreaking evolutions.” says Olivier Martret, Partner at Serena. “Lately, we have been looking a lot at gaming projects powered by Web3 and based on the Play-to-Earn model. We believe this model will be massively democratized in the coming years.”

We agree that Serena Capital is indeed in the right galaxy for P2E games. We are also proud to announce that several video games and collaborations relying on Cometh technology will be released in the upcoming months. Cometh will also host a pop-up store showcasing luxury brand collaborations during the EthCC conference in Paris, in July 2022. Additionally, a generative NFT collection created by artist Helena Hauss using Cometh tools has been selected for exhibition at the Venice Biennale.

Bright times for the galaxy, Cometh Crew, all of this wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for you as well. Thank you Crew Members! We will keep you updated with upcoming news & features.

Now is the time to put your focus on the games and earning those juicy resources, craft cards and rise victorious from your battles! 🚀

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