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Have you ever seen a Badger fly?

A Badger X Cometh Partnership

  • Badger themed Spaceships to be minted as NFTs on and used on
  • Badger themed Spaceships will be available on Opensea (Start on March 25th) and in the Tube, with all the benefits to be redistributed in game.
  • One Mythic Badger spaceship to be sold in a 24 hours auction (Start on March 25th at 3pm EST)
  • Create a MUST/bBAGDER pool on ComethSwap (L2 Dex) and distribute the liquidity pool tokens in game
  • MUST/bBADGER LP tokens will be sent on an Badger shaped asteroid for the players to mine rewards with their spaceships
  • MUST/bBADGER LP rewards go back to players (spaceship holders) and liquidity providers.

Badger has collaborated with the Cometh team to offer a collection of astrominer NFTs from one of the top artist collectives, Animus. The Badgers are keen to continue exploring Layer 2 synergies and innovative NFTs with utility, use cases, and sleek aesthetics. Similar to our previous NFT drops, we are excited to have NFT assets playable in the cometh game” — Bitcoinpalmer

  1. On Twitter: We’ll run a contest over the coming days where participants stand a chance of winning a ANAKUMA Uncommon ship, which will hold an initial value on Opensea of 0.5 ETH.
  2. During the AMA session, the best question asked (as judged by the two teams) will win a BADGER Uncommon ship, initial value 300 DUST. AMA session will be Thursday 3PM EST on



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