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Huge Cometh Battle Milestone — v0.10 🚀

Let’s start this briefing by just saying, v0.10 is a very big step for Cometh Battle. We’ve got a lot to cover here, so read to the end if you don’t want to get surprised by new gameplays in the middle of a battle. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…👾

  • The new onboarding tutorial is live! Without further ado, we are very excited to introduce our new path to welcoming freshly recruited Crew Members. You will learn about the basics (energy, HP…), how to use orbiters, and play special cards. Everything you need to be ready to fight against a crew member whose ELO is closest to yours. 🔫 Note: All Crew Members will have to go through this tutorial. If you have any feedback, do share it on our Discord, so we can deliver the best experience possible for new recruits.
  • The spaceship Rental service is technically ready and will be launched very soon. Spaceship holders, or potential renters, stay tuned!
  • “Taunt” card has been modified → Orbiter targeted with taunt effect gets affected by all the attacks, even from cards with no target.
  • New weapons as always! We’ve added 23 cards with new battlegrounds, a huge focus on the orbiters and some of the cards can module (add effects to) orbiters.

The new Orbiters:

Berserk Orbiter → Gains 3 Power for each lost HP;
Hijacker Orbiter → At each end of turn, burns a number of opponent’s exiled cards equal to orbiter power, also gives you 3 Shields for each burned card; War Doctor Orbiter → At each end of turn, heals orbiters by 1.

The new battlegrounds (check the image below for further details):

War Field → When the card is played, the associated background appears and all damage effects get a +2 bonus until the next battleground card OR “Hyperspace” card is played;
Juventa → When the card is played, associated background appears and all health effects get a +2 bonus until next battleground card OR “Hyperspace” card played;
Inferno → When the card is played, the associated background appears and everyone gets +1 damage at the beginning of each turn until next battleground card OR “Hyperspace” card played.

New cards 1–15
New cards 15–23
Brand new background mechanics + 1 playing background

Awesome work from the technical and art teams, let’s take a moment to appreciate and show gratefulness to the talents behind all of this.

The Build-up period is coming to an end very soon. So take advantage of the few moments you have left to train and master all the new cards and the associated game mechanics. Skilling up makes you stronger!

Also, lots of Crew Members share ideas and discuss strategies, some of them even stream their battles in the discord. It might be a good way to gain experience as well as be up to date with Cometh Battle. Make sure to join us there.

With all this news, Crew Members… Let’s get back to battle!

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