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Kleros feat Cometh, a cosmic balance ⚖️

We are excited to announce our latest ecosystem partnership with a project that has been in the space (no pun intended) for ever: Kleros.
Get ready, auction starts on Thursday, 22nd of April at 5pm UTC on OpenSea.

Details below: Kleros themed Spaceships to be minted as NFTs on and used on

  • Kleros themed Spaceships will be available on Opensea and in the Tube, with all the benefits to be redistributed in game.
  • One Mythic Kleros spaceship to be sold in a 24 hours auction
    (Starts on Thursday 22nd of April at 5pm UTC).
    Join the AMA at the same time on Kleros discord to kickoff the partnership!
  • The full spaceships collection will go for sale 24h later on Opensea, Friday 23rd of April at 5pm UTC.
  • Create a MUST/PNK pool on ComethSwap (L2 Dex) and distribute the liquidity pool tokens in game
  • MUST/PNK LP tokens will be sent on an octahedron shaped asteroid for the players to mine rewards with their spaceships
  • MUST/PNK LP rewards go back to players (spaceship holders) and liquidity providers.

Expect tight collaboration with the projects as teams will look for synergies both on L1, L2 and planet earth 🌎

Kleros is a crucial part of the Ethereum ecosystem and we are excited to see them looking towards Polygon. There are many possilbe synergies between Cometh and Kleros, we hope this operation will pave the way to a great layer 2 integration.

— Jérome DeTychey, DeFi x NFT Economist @Cometh

Join us for an AMA that will happen on Thursday 22th of April at 5pm UTC (7pm Paris, 6pm Lisbon) on Kleros Discord:
Great occasion to meet the teams and learn all about the partnership.

“Cometh is a pioneer project in the NFT gaming space that the Kleros team have been following (and playing) since it was launched. We have always been envisioning Kleros dispute resolution services as a core component of the crypto-gaming economies of the future. The excellent work pioneered by the Cometh team in fostering Ethereum Layer 2 usage is a model for Kleros as it starts deploying its arbitration protocol to xDai in a first step, then to other side chains and rollups.”

— Jimmy Ragosa, Integrations Lead, Kleros.

Introducing: the Kleroterion

If there is one thing that the Kleroterion race values above anything else, it is Justice. They have perfected the perfect judiciary system over millennia of experiments in their own solar system and are now hellbent on exporting it to the other races in the galaxy, willing or not. Upholding the law requires a lot of energy and resources which is why the Kleroterions have become one of the major asteroid mining civilizations. Watch out for your back if you dare to mine one of their comets, you might be sent to the dreaded Kleroterion Court and be “adjudicated”

Spaceships will be minted as follow:

25 “Arbitrator” Uncommon Spaceships for 0,5ETH on Opensea

“The Arbitrator benefits from its clever scale-like design enabling it to both mine space rocks at a decent speed and directly weigh the resources mined. Though it is limited in its mining range, it hosts a full autonomous court able to condemn any asteroid plunderer in its path.”

5 “Pinakion” Rare Spaceships for 7500 DUST on

“The Pinakion ring-shaped living quarters are where most of the “Juror” class members of the Kleroterions spend their lives while waiting to be drawn in cases. As some time can flow between cases, their manpower is used for mining in-between jury duty.”

5 “Justitia” Rare spaceships for 15ETH on Opensea

“Also called “The Supreme Court Ship”, the Justitia is where all the most precious minerals are extracted and stored. Whether you are a nugget of platinum or an interstellar DeFi hacker, you will end up on this ship to be processed in the name of greater justice.”

1 “Truthstar” Mythic spaceship auctioned on Opensea

“As ultimate enforcer of all rulings made by the Kleroterion emporium, the Truthstar packs heavy drilling able to destroy a diamond-filled comet or a non-compliant planet in one go. Also called “The Sword of Justice” by the comets fearing its wrath, the Truthstar has been the main driver of both Kleroterion expansion and its hunger for resources.”

Here are the spaceships characteristics:

Spaceships ‘Kleroterion” Characteristics

About Cometh

Cometh is the first DeFi Layer2 powered blockchain game with yield generating NFT. Cometh is building an entire Ethereum Layer 2 ecosystem, starting with a game, a new decentralized and scalable exchange (ComethSwap) and groundbreaking projects such as the Refinery and the Melange (see whitepaper). Prior to Kleros, Cometh also did a partnership collection with Pickle, Dontbuymeme, Aavegochi, BadgerDAO, Alchemix.

Cometh Apps | Cometh Socials

About Kleros

Kleros is a decentralized dispute resolution protocol on Ethereum (and soon Layer 2s). Kleros provides fair and transparent arbitration services to blockchain-based apps. It acts as a decentralized third party capable of providing decisions on disputes between parties creating a new form of justice for decentralized networks, communities, and applications. Kleros arbitration and curation services are already used by Omen prediction markets, Gnosis SafeSnap governance too, Uniswap/Sushiswap/Zerion for token identification, Proof of Humanity registry, and many others. | Twitter | Discord | Telegram | Coingecko (PNK) | Yellowpaper



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