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Operation: Eagle’s Rest

Free the galaxy

Achieving what no-one thought possible, the Destination: Uchore Champion, JoffJeffz, set off to the edge of the universe. To the amazement and disbelief of many, the ship has returned intact, with reports of an abundance of rare elements, but also of a treacherous journey not for the faint-hearted. Most of the sector has been waiting on tenterhooks to hear of the results of the expedition, and frantically making preparations for the gold rush to plunder the potential resources.

And, it turns out, this was exactly what Aquila intended. His benevolence in sponsoring the tournament and expedition to Uchore was not entirely out of the generosity of his heart. While all eyes were turned to Uchore, they were turned away from our colonies’ security and defense. It is now known that Aquila used unknown stealth tech to land on Planet Von and the 7 Prime colonies, infiltrating the defense bases and replacing all remaining personnel with clones under his direct control.

Once the impostors were discovered, Aquila made a statement to the colonies: We are now all subject to his rule, and our Prime ships are grounded. With characteristic obscurity, he has not hinted at his intentions, but the clones have been flying transporters non-stop from the colonies to his home star system, suggesting the movement of resources and/or weapons away from our bases.

Since his rise, Aquila has always been known for his eccentricity and mysteriousness, but nobody says no to a trillionaire with a penchant for enabling us mere humans with his Wizard tech.. His greatest gift to us, dark-matter fiber, has made the possibilities of long-range comms a reality for anyone, even in the most remote outposts. But now it seems that this was no gift, but a poisoned chalice. Dependent on it as we now are for everything from trade to travel, it now networks almost the entire quadrant, with its base on Aquila’s home planet of choice, where it all started: Eagle’s Rest.

An alliance has been formed of the Free Fliers, fortunate enough to be off-base at the time of the take-over. Adrift in space and at off-grid outposts, we see this as our only hope to free our colonies from subjugation to this manipulative genius. It is surely only a matter of time before he has them enslaved to his will. A targeted strike on Eagle’s Rest will take out the heart of his dark network, throwing his whole operation into chaos and disabling the clones. This mission will ask much of its pilot: To penetrate the defenses of his remote star system which lost human control decades ago, and from which nobody has heard anything that Aquila hasn’t wanted us to.

Unknown, dangerous, and near-impossible pretty much sum up the mission, but absolutely essential for the continued freedom of our people. The fate of all of us lies in the hands of the pilot willing and brilliant enough to take on the challenge.

Could it be you?

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