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Polygon Galactic Grand Prix: The Ultimate Finale 🛸

Last chance to participate in this unique Blockchain eSport tournament! Will you succeed in being the best pilot 👨‍🚀 in the Galaxy?

What ?

Polygon Galactic Grand Prix is the final of this series of tournament with $60,000 to win in tokens (liquidity pool shares of ComethSwap).

How will the prizes be distributed ?

The players will compete for $15,000 worth of tokens on asteroids they can mine in the stadium for about 2 hours. During that time a ladder ranking the spaceships will be dynamically updated until the last asteroïd is depleted. Afterwards, $45,000 worth of tokens will be airdropped following the distribution bellow:

When ?

This Sunday, the 25th of July, at 1pm UTC (3pm CET, 6.30pm IST).

Where ?

The Galactic Stadium of Cometh:

The Galactic Stadium will be accessible with portals from the academy and regular solar systems

To enter the Stadium, take the corresponding portal with the proper ship and ticket in your wallet (note that your ticket is burnt in the process so any exit is final).

Who can participate?

Players that have performed well in Cometh’s Academy. The top 100 of the Galactic Trophy also received a ticket. This third and last event is reserved to Rare, Mythic and so qualified spaceships. (Rare and Mythic spaceships won’t need any tickets to enter the Grand Prix)

La crème de la crème, Myhtic spaceships designed in partnership with Aavegotchi, Pickle Finance, Kleros, Alchemix, BadgerDAO, DontBuyMEME, Doki Doki, etc.

You don’t have a ticket yet?

It’s not too late to get one! There are qualification sessions that are permanently ongoing and great for beginners. The first of each session is rewarded with a ticket for the Grand Prix, get your MULE spaceship NFT now and enter the academy!

Make sure to checkout the tournament F.A.Q for more information!

Want to get involved with Cometh?

Grab your MULE spaceship and start playing today!
Visit Cometh’s shop for new spaceships.
Invite your friends with Cometh’s Referral Program!
Stake your MUST⚗️ tokens and unlock items and spaceships.
Exchange your tokens on ComethSwap.
Rent or put your spaceship on a lease with Cometh Rental.
Follow Cometh on Twitter.
Read more about Cometh here.
Get in touch with the community on discord or join the telegram group




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Cometh is a groundbreaking strategy game where players can win valuable tokens and that leverages the Decentralized Finance ecosystem

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