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The 2nd Cometh Alpha Mission assignment 🚀

Enter the Cometh Battle Mission & win huge rewards!

[Transmission start]

Last weeks have been really intense at Cometh Battle in terms of coordinations, upgrades and balancing. Cometh Alpha Crew Members helped us a lot through their feedbacks. We are mostly satisfied with how far we have become until now. We really appreciate all of our Alpha Crew Members for helping us all along the way.

The first official mission took place last week. From 03/21/2022 until 03/25/2022. We called it the Warm up mission. It helped us reach over 10,000 battles played so far! The event lasted 4 days and the Top 10 Crew members have been rewarded Cometh hoodies & T-shirts.

Not that previous prizes weren’t good, they looked incredible! But from now on, prizes are going to be much more important. And tournament missions will be held on a much more regular basis.

Let’s talk about the upcoming galactic mission for our Alpha Crew members. We are entering into the second phase of the Cometh Alpha Program. This tournament mission will mark the beginning of it. Some whitelist spots will be distributed to become an official Alpha Crew Member. For that, you need to join the waitlist now.


  • Mission will start on 04/04/2022 at 12PM CET and will end on 04/11/2022 at 12PM CET. Act fast and accordingly to your motivations. Look at the prize pool right below if your eyes haven’t caught it yet. 👀
  • There’s going to be a prize pool of $2000 to share between the Top 30 Crew members on the leaderboard.Keep in mind: this is just the beginning. ☄️
  • Elos will be reset at the tournament’s start and a snapshot of the leaderboard will be taken at the end of it to determine the winners. Make sure to stay among the best of the best Alpha Crew Members. You will be able to track your rank updates throughout the mission in our Discord channel.
  • Win as much battles as possible to appear in the top 30 leaderboard at the end of the mission.

Some well known troops such as BlackPool and MetaNerd have already partnered up with Cometh since a while now. But for this occasion, new exciting partnerships will take place very soon! Some well trained professionals are among you, Crew Members. More are about to come. Let’s accomplish this galactic mission all together!

Cometh Battle is expanding. Missions as well. Events will become much bigger throughout the time. Up to $30,000 of prizes through April. Four weeks of galactic missions to begin rewarding Crew Members who deserve a salary. This is just the beginning. Do not miss out on this opportunity to train as an Alpha Crew Member in order to perfect your strategies, win as much battles as possible, and become one of our all time best Crew Members.

Crew members, see you there. Take care.

[End of transmission.]



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