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The TUBE 🧪: Announcing MUST ⚗️ Staking release on Polygon

Original illustration: The Alchemist Discovering Phosphorus — Joseph Wright of Derby, 1771

Lesson learned from previous staking mechanisms

  • incentivizing all MUST ⚗️ holders with emphasis on the small holders;
  • having a constant stream of NFT to unlock;
  • introducing new forms of rewards than just NFT;
  • having sub TUBE🧪 for dedicated collections with a fair level playing field;
  • fairly rewarding committed stakers;
  • letting players dynamically interact with the TUBE🧪 from the game.

When will the TUBE🧪 be released ?

What about the DUST accumulated in the original TUBE🧪 ?

What will you find inside the new TUBE🧪 ?

  • Private Area Bumper
  • Jump ward (Solar system bound expander)
  • Cooling boost
  • Mining Area Boost
  • Push capsule
  • Electromagnetic blast



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