Comic Bits #2

Another week, another batch of comic books we loved this week. While Trinity #1, Death of X #2, Black Panther #7 & Captain America — Sam Wilson #14 were all released, the comics we selected below stood out the most and should be read first!

Justice League #7

Fear induces the entire Justice League to do the unthinkable. Superman willing to kill Batman after committing fair acts and not garnering Bruce’s trust, Aquaman and Wonder Woman tapping back into their Flashpoint days, Simon Baz and Cyborg figuring out whether to be alone and not wanting to be looked at by the public eye, Jessica Cruz’s heavy anxiety and Barry Allen’s twisted thought process of using his super speed to take advantage of the world. Fear causes some ramifying actions at the end of the issue as well. Will we see the League break itself apart due to this fear phenomena or will we see them pull it together once again and destroy this cancerous emotion invoking plague that riddles the planet? Find out in the next issue in Justice League #8 — Releasing November 2nd, 2016 — Peter Parker

Batman #9

Tom King is slowly working his way with his direction of Batman, but he may have hit his stride with Batman #9. Since introducing himself with the “I am Gotham” arc, King is revealing the repercussions of the respective event. Bane is back but not as the usual Venom-Induced villain, he has controlled his addiction by using Psycho Pirate from Hugo Strange in the preceding arc. Bane uses Pyscho Pirate as a crutch in order to remain focused. King’s Bane introduction could have been deemed as useless but it shows the torment and tragedy Bane suffered for him to head into addiction. Batman takes the lead in the rest of this issue as he is goes away from his normal “I work alone” shtick as he constructs his own Suicide Squad team to encounter Bane. This issue concentrates Batman recruiting specific villains (Bronze Tiger & Catwoman Alert!), but the best part about the enlisting is the notable connections between Batman and each villain. The next issue, Batman #10 will be released November 2nd. — Lynx

Infamous Iron Man #1

The era of Tony Stark is over.

The creative team behind International Iron Man, Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev pave a new era of Iron…and just happens to involve Victor Von Doom taking over for Tony Stark. No pressure at all.

We open the issue with a flashback to illustrate just who the once known Doctor Doom is as a person. He’ll transport you to India if he feels like it and not blink twice about it. It’s a far cry from the suave, magic slinging, mask less suit wearing guy you see rescue Maria Hill from a troll supervillain. This new status quo follows characters and plotlines last seen in Invincible Iron Man. Victor checks in on a close personal friend of Tony’s in the aftermath of Civil War 2 and it’s heartfelt to say the least. You can feel Victor really trying to turn over a new leaf despite the entire Hero Community and Tony Stark (Read the issue, it’s an inside joke) 100% against the idea of Dr. Doom donning the armor and being the latest and greatest iteration of the Armored Avenger. The first issue has some surprising developments for a close “friend” in Victor’s circle and the Maleev art work orchestrates some great reactions and use of color to keep everything fresh in what is usually a loud, bombastic side to the Marvel U.

All in all, the start to the Iron Doom era of the Iron Man mythos is off to the races and things won’t be easy for the recently turned “Hero” that’s out and about in an armor that sticks to the Doom name he made for himself way back when. If you like your Iron Man stories with a hint of villainous character development turnaround with sleek and stylish art? The Infamous Iron Man is for you, true believers! — Terrence (@SageTerrence)