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For those who don’t know, I (Drew Ford) publish comic books and graphic novels under an imprint I own called It’s Alive! Before starting my own business, I worked as an editor at another publisher for several years, where I brought to publication dozens of graphic novel reprint collections, earning two Eisner Award nominations along the way.

A few months ago, I sent several international wire transfers to a printer outside the USA. Initially, they told me everything was fine. But recently, they told me they never received any money. Obviously, I was in shock! I immediately contacted my bank, who confirmed that the funds were sent and received months ago. After taking a closer look, my bank believes the printer has nothing to do with this, and that it is their bank who “lost” my money. I would replace the word “lost” with “stolen”, but that’s me.

Anyway, my bank has opened an official investigation, but has made it clear that I will probably not get my money back.

Sadly, without recouping at least a portion of these “lost” funds, I don’t know if I can keep my business afloat. I have several freelancers who need to be paid for current and upcoming projects, and of course the biggest bill will be the cost to print my books.

I launched a GoFundMe campaign because I need help. The amount I am asking for does not cover everything I lost, but it will go a long way to keeping me in business. I don’t expect to recoup everything I lost. I am just looking for a little help to keep me going during this difficult time.

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Thank you so much for your time. All donations are greatly appreciated.

Drew Ford

p.s. Since I am asking people to help save my business, I believe it’s important to show some evidence of the time I’ve dedicated to publishing comics and graphic novels. More specifically, the efforts I have made to save lost and forgotten out of print works, in the form of new reprint collections.

With that in mind, I would like to present a partial list of comic book and/or graphic novel reprint collections, which I initiated and edited over the last three years. The last two books on the list were published through my new imprint, which I am now trying to save. I can only hope this list will affirm my dedication to the comic book medium, along with it’s history.

U.S.S. Stevens: The Collected Stories by Sam Glanzman (Eisner nomination)

Murder By Remote Control by Janwillem van de Wetering and Paul Kirchner

Private Beach by David Jerome Hahn

The Bozz Chronicles by David Michelinie and Bret Blevins

Civil War Adventure by Chuck Dixon and Gary Kwapisz

A Sailor’s Story by Sam Glanzman

Worry Doll by Matt Coyle

Wandering Star by Teri S. Wood

Little Tulip by Jerome Charyn and Francois Boucq

Seekers into the Mystery by by J. M. Dematteis, Jon J Muth, Glenn Barr, Michael Zulli & Jill Thompson

Fires and Murmur by Lorenzo Mattotti and Jerry Kramsky

The Puma Blues by Stephen Murphy and Michael Zulli (Eisner nomination)

Night and the Enemy by Harlan Ellison and Ken Steacy

World Without End by Jamie Delano and John Higgins

Paleo by Jim Lawson

Lightrunner by Lamar Waldron and Rod Whigham

Last of the Dragons by Carl Potts, Dennis O’Neil, Terry Austin, Marie Severin

Billy Budd, KGB by Jerome Charyn and Francois Boucq

The Boys of Sheriff Street by Jerome Charyn and Jacques de Loustal

Through the Habitrails by Jeff Nicholson

White Collar by Giacomo Patri

ATTU by Sam Glanzman

The Magician’s Wife by Jerome Charyn and Francois Boucq

Civil War: Book Two by Chuck Dixon and Gary Kwapisz

The Juggler of Our Lady by R. O. Blechman and Maurice Sendak

Georgie: The Story of a Man, His Dog, and a Pin by R. O. Blechman

Blackjack by Alex Simmons and Joe Bennett

Mercy by J. M. Dematteis and Paul Johnson

Umbra by Stephen Murphy and Mike Hawthorne

My War by Szegedi Szuts

Secret Teachings of a Comic Book Master: The Art of Alfredo Alcala by Heidi MacDonald, Phillip Dana Yeh, Gil Kane, Roy Thomas

Through Hell with Hiprah Hunt by Art Young

Red Range by Joe R. Lansdale & Sam Glanzman

Dope by Trina Robbins

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