Here Comes the Sensational G-Girl!

Here she comes!

She’s America’s sexiest teenaged transgender heroine!

And she’s starring in a brand-new comic book!

She’s Billi Jayne Jensen, the SENSATIONAL G-GIRL!

And in the sixth issue of her very own comics magazine, the G-Girl takes on the super-stretchy RUBBER-BAND MAN.

He thinks it’s dangerous for a pretty teenaged girl to be out there doing superhero things all by herself.

She thinks he’s an idiot.

We’re just about ready to take this sixth issue of SENSATIONAL G-GIRL to press. Your pledge will help us do that. Make a pledge, and Billi Jayne will definitely show her gratitude.

This issue of SENSATIONAL G-GIRL features two complete adventures. “Be a Nice Girl” is an 18-page G-Girl adventure by David Berge and James Webb that pits our teenaged TG heroine against the super-stretchy Rubber-Band Man.

With this sixth issue of SENSATIONAL G-GIRL, Billi Jayne’s quest continues. Her mission is to find and stomp on the bad guys who magically transformed her from a hunky teenaged boy into into a gorgeous teenaged girl, and to rescue her kidnapped mother!

She wants you to be a part of that adventure. So come along for the ride. It’ll be fun!

Among the rewards available to the G-Giri is a complete set of all the comic books in which the G-Girl has thus far appeared. You can get that either in digital or physical format, with digital copies provided by

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