On Hiatus

Hey folks, I started this page a few weeks ago, with the plan of building an open and equal playing field for artists, publishers and would-be comic creators to share, promote and learn.

In that sense, it has been a success. In fact, this post is not somber, nor does it signal any kind of negative news.

This page is the result of a long-time passion and desire to create something unique in the comics industry. I’ve been slowly building, and lots of content has been sent my way to build this place. The support has been great and appreciated.

I still believe in this idea, but I need to take a break. It wouldn’t exist without my first love though, comics. I’m currently working on a graphic novel, a manga actually, that I’m super excited about. Plus, working for professional publishing clients all the time.

I need to focus on that for awhile. How long? I don’t know. I know I’m committed to doing the work I love, and it requires my full attention, otherwise I would just be producing half-assed work for myself and clients, unable to give it the professional quality it needs, and the professional quality of this webpage would suffer as well.

Rough preview pages of my new book, in-progress.

I had hoped to build it up, get publishers to begin submitting their own press releases for approval and get a couple of writers on board before I had to take some time off, but it just didn’t work. My career is flourishing and I didnb’t even have time to build staff and have daily updates.

Maybe I’ll get some other people involved, writers and editors, but for the time being if that were to happen, it would have to be by happy accident, as I need to focus my attention on the work I love to do.

I will be back. The page with eventually be finished and it will eventually become the thing I envisioned building, just not right now. I’m loving working on my next graphic novel, and working with my publishers and clients. I may post an occasional update when it is quick and convenient, but for now the page should be considered irregular at best, on hiatus until further notice.

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