Autobiographical Comic

I was in CRWR 308 at UBC, and this is the final comic I produced for our autobiographical assignment. Both pages detail different hobbies that I enjoy, folding origami and beading. While they can be read as stand-alone pieces, the pages are meant to be taken together as a “compare and contrast” to how I approach both activities.

Beading is a very solitary activity for me. I tried to convey that by mostly just drawing myself in panels.

This assignment was also my first time experimenting with using a grey marker. I enjoyed how Will Eisner used grey in City People Notebook to make his drawings pop out (rather than flat black and white), and wanted to try it myself. The grey was very useful for separating the two columns of panels on each page, as well as highlighting objects in my diagram columns.

I was a part of the origami club, so it was always more of a group thing. While I’m in every panel that isn’t just a diagram, there are also plenty of other people with me.

I chose to share this particular assignment because it’s short and sweet, it was an experiment that turned out pretty well, and everyone I’ve shown it to laughs at one part or another. Hopefully you do too!