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How A Capsule Wardrobe Changed My Life

I’ve been wearing the same thing for four months. Kind of.

My wardrobe choices have been limited to 35 pieces total. I’ve rotated these pieces every day, in order to try my hand at having my very own capsule wardrobe.


A capsule wardrobe is a mini-collection of versatile pieces from your current wardrobe. It consists of the tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, and outerwear that you most love to wear. It does not include accessories, jewelry, handbags, undergarments, workout clothes, or sleepwear. The typical number of items recommended for a capsule wardrobe is 37, though you are free to go with a bit more or less if needed.

The purpose of creating and using a capsule wardrobe is to reduce your clothing to what is essential and what you love, which then allows you to save the time and energy (our most valuable resources) that you use to decide what to wear each day.


It creates much needed space.

Our closets hold a lot more than just pretty dresses and cute shoes. More often than not, our closets can be a manifestation of our attachments, fear of letting go, addictions, and unwillingness to change. When you get rid of the excess, you also get rid of the feelings and stale energy that comes with it, and create a place for all of the good energy to exist.

You feel great every. single. day.

A well-done capsule wardrobe includes only the best of the best. No matter what you choose, you look and feel exactly how I want to look and feel. For me, that means no five-inch heels and no blazers. No more of the too small, too short, and too tight pieces that we tend to hang on to. A capsule wardrobe represents who you are today, not who you were yesterday or who you may become a few years from now.

You get your time back.

What happens when you don’t have to spend 30 minutes or more every morning on deciding what to wear? Anything and everything you want. You get to spend your time and energy on what you love, which is probably not rummaging through your closet.


Here’s how you can do it.

Create a “style mission statement”

The purpose of this mission statement is to set an intention for how you want to look and feel in my capsule wardrobe. It also helps to ensure that the pieces that you include in it will fit well together. Here is mine.

“Effortless and classic; chic; neutral and earth tones; relaxed fit tops with fitted pants; form-fitting but hassle-free dresses; comfortable and versatile shoes”

Take inventory

Depending on what season your capsule wardrobe is for, pull out all of the pieces that don’t work with that time of the year.

Start the editing process

Remove everything that (1) doesn’t fit, (2) doesn’t make you feel great, or (3) simply doesn’t match your mission statement.

Pull out what you love

These are the items that you feel amazing in and can’t imagine not wearing. Move these items into a ‘yes’ pile. Once this is done, you end up in one of two situations. Either you have more than 37 pieces and need to edit more, or you have fewer and need to add some.

If you find yourself in the second group, resist the urge to go shopping for new stuff. It is perfectly fine to have fewer than 37 pieces. However, also take time to think about why you chose so few pieces. Are you not feeling great in any of your clothing because you’re being hard on yourself? Are you trying to dress the person you used to be or wish you were, versus who you are today?

Keep YOU in mind

As you assemble your collection, think about the colors you love, where and how you spend most of your time, and what season you’re planning for. For example, if you don’t wear dresses in the winter, then your final 37 pieces shouldn’t have many dresses, if any at all.

Get rid of the rest

Now that you have your final pieces, everything that you didn’t choose has to go. You can pack them up and store them, so that they don’t continue to take up your space. You can also give them away to family or friends, or donate them to people in need.

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