Coming to America — Immigration Today

Personal stories and thoughtful opinions on immigration

Immigration Reform

Is This How You See Me Through Legislation?

Carolina Drake, NYC, November 13- More than 40 children are in D.C. this week for events organized by…

Immigration As Economic Adventure, and Opportunity

Haitians compare previous work experiences in the United States to economic prospects at home

Forget Ads, Instagram Should Give Brands What They Really Want.

That would be functionality, not a CPM.

We love you, America.

Why do you make it such a pain in the ass to cross over?

Have you crossed the border recently? Have you felt that your life was being…

Coming to America — Becoming An American

Schools Play An Important Role in Molding Immigrant Children Into Americans

Boehner Should Honor Pledge To Let House ‘Work Its Will’ on Immigration Reform

Speaker Boehner said he would let the House “work its will” on comprehensive…

Why Things Are About to Change for Philadelphia’s Immigrant Restaurant Workers

The interdependence between Philadelphia’s restaurant industry and its immigrant community is

Coming to America — Recreating Home in a New Country

Preserving Food Habits and Traditions, and Raising Children Far Away From Home

Coming to America—The First Days

The View From One County Just South of the Nation’s Capital

Update, June 26, 2013: The second essay in the series, Coming to

Baba’s Day

Growing up in Taiwan, instead of the third Sunday of every June, I knew Father’s Day by a different date: August 8, appropriately observed on the eighth day of the eighth month…

Legally waiting in line for more than 8 years now

Unreasonable legal immigration wait times.

While the comprehensive immigration reform gives a sliver of hope…

Rework the SKILLS bill

The Senate bill S744 makes a lot more sense for the country

Yesterday, Republican Rep. Darrel Issa introduced the SKILLS bill in the…

Working abroad

My takeaways after leaving Barcelona and working for 4 years in London and New York

#iMarch because Immigration Reform will Make Our Communities Safer

I support comprehensive immigration reform for a whole host of reasons. There’s the moral angle: its wrong to have…

An Aussie’s Immigration Journey

How I got my E3 Visa and other insights into the immigration process

Obama! Escucha! Estamos en la Lucha!

A brief account of my first immigration rally.

As I walked down Pennsylvania Avenue towards the U.S. Capitol a few weeks…

The Journey North

I knew we were close once we reached the magazine stands. As we waited in our car, in a serpentine line that stretched back at least a mile, my parents liked to buy the…

Gangs of 8: Politics, Policy & Geopolitics in Immigration Reform

Immigration reform is the type of thing that makes everyone join “Gangs of Eight.” The hype of a genuine compromise is…

How immigration reform affects entrepreneurs and graduate degree holders

A group of eight senators unveiled a major proposal for comprehensive immigration reform (the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act). The bill has gotten tremendous media attention for its provisions on illegal immigrants and low-skilled workers, but nearly no attention on the…

The Immigration Story You Haven’t Heard

Unfortunately, I was at the Boston Marathon and near the finish line during the explosion. My daughter and I ran, we cried, and until today, we are…

Coming to America — Immigration Today
Coming to America — Immigration Today

Personal stories and thoughtful opinions on immigration

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