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E-Residents Making Over 200 000€ Revenue Per Year

This article was first published at the blog.

Have you checked out the e-Residency official Facebook group?

If you have, you probably know that there’s a lot of noise, promotion, and little quality in terms of conversations.

For six and seven-figure e-residents, there’s little value in this group.

There’s a big difference if you’re just applying for e-Residency and looking for a business idea, versus having a working and growing business. You have different questions, you want to have different conversations, and you need different advice.

Therefore, we decided to start a Facebook group for active, successful, and growing e-Residency entrepreneurs.

In this group, I and my colleagues are giving regulatory advice, as well as posting quality content about entrepreneurship. We hope to bring on external mentors and entrepreneurs once the group grows.

And most importantly, we hope that community members will feel comfortable asking and sharing their concerns and wisdom to other e-residents in the group. Never know where you meet the next person that will open a door for you to take the next step.

If you have e-Residency company that is making at least 200 000€ in revenue or more, come and join us. Or, if you’re starting out, but your LinkedIn profile indicates vast entrepreneurship experience, don’t hesitate to apply as well.

Link to the Facebook Group by clicking here.



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