What I do…a Reporter

I started my public speaking career at a young age. In middle school, I belonged to the National Speech and Debate Association, which began teaching me a variety of the skills I possess today. During this time, I attended local competitions in my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pa and received first place out of roughly 100 students all three years in Drama and Impromptu. I always performed Eloise, the story of a spoiled 6-year old who lived in the Plaza Hotel. I loved it because the story made it easy for me to dive whole-heartedly into the role.

In high school I began speaking as a lector at my church, as well as a leader in Youth Ministry. Each year, I narrated the Living Stations on Good Friday and read frequently on Sunday Mass. This was very special to me because I am strong in my faith and it was an honor to recognize such an important part of the Paschal Mystery. Speaking to large crowds does not intimidate me, but speaking into a camera for the first time did.

It was not until my sophomore year of college that I decided to go into Communications. I always thought I would start my career in the dance industry, but injury washed those dreams away and implemented a new dream — reporting.

Television is much different than speaking to a panel of judges, let alone an audience. At Mercyhurst University, a private, four-year institution, I am a sports reporter for Channel 19’s Laker TV.

This past summer, I worked for the Pittsburgh Penguins as an intern for PensTV, a multimedia platform that reports news, highlights, interviews and upcoming events with the Penguins. It was the start of real-life experience that put my skills to the test. It was icing on the cake, showing my that I made the right choice switching my major and starting my own niche in the industry.

Currently, I work as an intern for the Mercyhurst men’s Ice Hockey team as the at-home announcer as well as their reporter for home games, away games and promotions such as “Movember”. I love what I do and I hope to continue on into the professional world this upcoming year when I graduate in May.

Pictured above is myself interviewing head coach Rick Gotkin in a pregame look before a matchup between the Lakers and the Purple Eagles of Niagara University.
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