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Welcome to the first issue of ⌘N (Command+N). I’m using this publication to learn from new and latest articles. I will focus on topics like Design, Technology, Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Human Stories. I might have some random article to be shared here too. 😅

The mission is to improve my reading and writing skills through all these articles and my summary in ⌘N here. And in the meantime share interesting and curated articles by me to readers every week. You can subscribe to my Flipboard magazine here to get up to date saved articles in ⌘N.

Design With Type by Framer Team

Framer team has once again made the tools intuitive to prototype now. Quite similar to the previous workaround with the inline element, but this new feature make it much more easy to code a text layer with Auto-Sizing, Smart Type, and Web Fonts! 😍

The best product experiences require the perfect marriage of design and type.

Surviving the New MacBook Pro by Brad Frost

Did you own the new MacBook Pro with Touchbar? Are you satisfy with it? Brad Frost have written a review about the Pros and Cons (more on cons 😅). Some of his friends switched to Windows and made him think it might worth a try on Windows soon.

The Touchbar is atrocious.
I just want a computer that boots up reliably, plays audio and video, allows me to work for more than a couple hours before dying, and has a keyboard that doesn’t freak out on me.

Improve Your UX by Dynamically Rendering Images via React `onLoad` by Andrew Wong

Trick our user’s perception of load time can get a positive result of UX. Here are the examples of loading screen using Facebook like loading feature.

User Experience is a lot more than how your product looks aesthetically. It’s also how performant it is, how intuitive it is — how much it delights your user.

Dear designer, everything is a remix by Gregory Wolanski

Gregory is sharing some insights that you don’t have to try to be original. The original idea is from Kirby Ferguson’s Everything is a Remix, worth to watch!

Start copying, transforming, combining. Become better at it. Iterate more. Build.
“Good artists copy, great artists steal”? Maybe. Good designers ship, great designers iterate.

American Says In 2007 It’s His Dream To Work At Nintendo, Winds Up In Credits For Breath Of The Wild

Some player of the amazing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild discover an English name among all others Japanese in the end credits and search for him online, Corey Bunnell. They found out that he have a dream ten years back that he wanted to work for Nintendo. After ten years (actually is 2014 joined Nintendo), amazingly he did it and involved in one of the hot game nowadays! Passion never let anyone down! 😤

Everyone has a dream.
“I want to make a game that everyone can enjoy, the whole world.”

Forget Coding: Writing Is Design’s “Unicorn Skill”

Do designer need to write? YES! As an UI designer myself, I (now only) realize that writing will help you and users have a better understanding about the workflow, users, or business strategy. My primary language is not English, but I know that I can improve from mistakes and comments. So, designers, START WRITING NOW! ✏️

Users still depend on copy to interact with apps and other products.
“Art direction and copywriting are as fundamental to the user experience as the UI,” as Paul Woods
Words have the power to change our opinions, incite action, divide or unify us, move us. Words can shape reality.
After all, content is still king.

People leave managers, not companies. Don’t let that manager be you.

this article still helps explain managers mind about what’s wrong with the company and why people are leaving. As long the manager is humble, good listener, willing to learn and to give feedback with empathy, people will stay. But if they don’t stay, they will still be your good friends! 👍✨

When you stay humble, ask for advice, own rather than blame and give feedback with empathy, you’re on the path to being a good manager.

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