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Product Hunt Toronto#7 at Pivotal ❤

Real Estate — the Time for Change

Just as using cash seems pretty archaic today and virtually any product or service can be ordered in one push of a button, real estate industry is about to go through a major shift. Forget about writing cheques to your landlord and spending weeks (or months) researching a new location for your business. Stop worrying about furnishing your place (there is an app for that), transfer the responsibility of renovating your home to professionals. If you are a landlord, wouldn’t it be cool if qualified tenants came to you? Or if you are a real estate agent, wouldn’t you like to save hours marketing your properties all over the web?

At Product Hunt Toronto #7 we connected Real Estate professionals with Toronto’s Tech community, discovered great new products, heard stories from their makers and had a blast.

Brandon Donnelly shared his wealth of knowledge and lessons learned from building technology for the industry. He also left us with many more interesting questions. For example, how will self-driving cars impact real estate industry? (Hint: in more ways than you think). Check out Brandon’s presentation here.


In the Product Hunt Toronto fashion, 3 local startups showed their products at the event. Keep your eye on them as they are bringing change to the Real Estate industry.


PiinPoint is a web based location intelligence platform that helps retailers, real estate developers and brokerages find their best new locations

X Factor: PiinPoint helps growing businesses identify their optimal new locations. It collects multiple types of data, from local demographics and tax rates to traffic patterns and property listings, then shapes them into an interactive report that provides an in-depth analysis of the locations.

Fun Fact: If you’re looking to open a coffee shop in Queen West area in Toronto, you’ll be amazed by the amount of competitors you’d have. You might want to check out PiinPoint before signing the lease.


MappedIn provides digital maps and infrastructure to shopping malls, offices, and major retailers.

X Factor: Their maps fill a wide range of real estate needs, powering mobile apps that navigate visitors indoors, and generating visualizations that optimize how space is managed in each property.

Fun Fact: MappedIn started with the frustration of trying to find the way around University of Waterloo campus. Founding team believed there had to be a simpler way to navigate in between and within buildings. If you have ever been to the University of Waterloo campus, you’d immediately understand this problem!


Evercondo is a SaaS platform that solves daily communication and management problems between condo residents, condo board members and property managers.

X Factor: Customer feedback is very important to team at Evercondo. Recently, they have implemented a voice alerts feature based on what they learned from their older demographic of users. Now residents can receive alerts from their building management in the format that works best for them.

Fun Fact: Evercondo started when the founders wanted to have an easier way to communicate with their building management teams. Today thousands of property managers and condo associations use Evercondo to communicate, manage, organize, measure and optimize their day-to-day operations.


At Product Hunt Toronto we see a lot of great new products. Unfortunately, we don’t have time to showcase all of them, so we decided to extend an opportunity by inviting companies to do rapid-fire product pitches. Companies below had 20 seconds to wow the crowd. It is safe to say they all did!


LoftShare makes it really easy for realtors to market their listings to their existing social media network, as well as classifieds.

X Factor: LoftShare is significantly faster and easier to use than their alternative methods (often very manual).

Fun Fact: Co-founder Valentin is currently studying to be a certified realtor so they can better understand their customers. Talk about being in your customers’ shoes!


An online interior design platform to easily and affordably decorate your space.

X Factor: A full-service interior interior design platform that not only help homeowners source creative designs but purchase and get their furniture delivered.

Fun Fact: Co-founders Justin and Jad were roommates before starting HouseIt.


Openhouse is an app that helps real estate agents sell their properties faster and at the right value. They use iBeacon-powered push notifications and helpful pop-ups to bring attention to important aspects of a property.

X Factor: iBeacons and contextual awareness are becoming popular in a variety of industries. Openhouse is one of the first to bring it this interactivity to real estate.

Fun Fact: Openhouse started as a side project, inspired by 2 years of iBeacon research.


MYP is a new online tool for real estate developers, urban planners, real estate lawyers, engineers, and architects that reduces a property assessment report — typically taking a week to complete — to 30 seconds.

X Factor: It is currently used by Toronto’s largest condo developer and the online map displays 1.1 million properties in Ontario

Fun Fact: Co-Founder Devin Tu called up and invited the Ontario Deputy Minister to their launch party.

Other companies we ❤

With so many phenomenal real estate startups based out of Toronto, we couldn’t help but to show them some love!

Four Walls

Four Walls is an end-to-end solution for furnishing rooms in urban spaces.

X Factor: Four Walls takes the frustration out of furniture shopping and simplifies the process with pre-designed rooms to make your home move-in-ready.

Fun Fact: The delivery and setup team is so efficient, in the time it takes Co-founder Mike to put together a TV stand, they can assemble and entire living room.


Casalova is a real estate rental marketplace that provides a personalized and streamlined rental experience. The first truly end-to-end rental experience in Canada.

X Factor: Casalova removes all barriers currently in place when finding and closing on a rental unit. The entire process is online and brings security and transparency to the market while reducing overhead and paperwork.

Fun Fact: They were called R3NTR up until launch day but rebranded because the landlord couldn’t get the spelling right.


Zoocasa is the premier search platform for Canadian Residential Real Estate Search — supported by a full-service team of top producing in-house real estate agents.

X Factor: Zoocasa is closing the gap between the offline and online search process by offering users deeper data and analytics than ever before available in Canada.

Fun Fact: The name Zoocasa was inspired by “mi casa es su casa” meaning “my house is your house”


TheRedPin connects people, data, and technology. Their platform carries the largest database of active residential listings in the GTA with plans to expand nationally.

X Factor: Taking an end-to-end approach to buying and selling real estate, TheRedPin injects great data and technology to make the process more pleasant, effective, and less expensive.

Fun Fact: They found their first and lead investors in IKEA’s parking lot by accident after 4 years of bootstrapping.


Zora helps landlords land and retain great tenants.

X Factor: Zora gives landlords a tenant score that bridges the gaps of the credit score by factoring in behavioral and demographic patterns for applications.

Fun Fact: Zora partnered with Affirm (startup from Paypal co-founder Max Levchin) to be the first solution that can guarantee rent to landlords.


Wishpad uses cognitive psychology and behavioral economics principles to help home buyers build a profile that uncovers the specific type of home you will personally fall in love with. OK Cupid for real estate.

X Factor: Wishpad is changing the way buyers discover homes and the way that realtors start and nurture relationships with clients.

Fun Fact: The first iteration of Wishpad was only an Excel model founder Michael and his wife used to find their home before he realized he was onto something.


Lane is SaaS software that creates a smart workplace

X Factor: Lane leverages the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) ecosystem to enable buildings and their tenant companies to communicate and engage with professionals directly to their mobile device.

Fun Fact: Lane is a team of Millennials (consisting of 80% women) who understand the need for a smart workplace.

SensorSuite Inc.

SensorSuite is a real-time sensor intelligence platform that connects managers to their buildings and the machines within.

X Factor: SensorSuite is like NEST for building owners and managers. It has introduced real-time wireless, distributed energy management systems specifically designed for older building retrofits.

Fun Fact: They already control over 3 million square feet of space.


BuzzBuzzHome is North America’s leading site for new construction homes.

X Factor: BuzzBuzzHome will be the first place to complete the entire new home transaction process online, from discovery to purchase. “Buy Now” button due to launch in 2016 will make them the only site where you can complete the entire home purchase process online.

Fun fact: The company bootstrapped their way to 45 employees across 3 offices in 3 cities.


The Real Estate industry is ready for change. There are plenty of opportunities to create value for different stakeholder groups. Get out there, ask questions, build prototypes and iterate, iterate, iterate. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

What’s Next?

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