What Will Be Your Highlights

Starting The 1st Quarter of Real Estate In 2016

There is usually a lot of build up and hype to a something before it starts especially a game, test, and even worse New Year’s Resolution. The excitement builds a to get started and look towards a goal or end result. Back when I was in college football, we practiced and trained like crazy before the actual games of the seasons. There was Spring Football (after the main season was over), Summer Training, Pre-season Camp, THEN the season. There’s a lot of practice and training before the first game of the season, much less the first quarter of the game is even played.

Have you been practicing and training for your venture in real estate? Are you evaluating the people you use to handle your real estate transactions in this manner? If not what are you waiting for? Real Estate, just like football, needs to be practiced and trained to find what aspect within real estate that creates value for you. This doesn’t happen unless you take action towards it. If you break it down into quarters it’ll be less intimidating.

There are four quarters in football and the game is not usually won in the first quarter. First quarter is spent implementing game plans, schemes, evaluating positions between opponents, evaluating all your practicing and drawing a roadmap to successfully winning the game. Whether you are a player or spectator, you are in the stadium so get on the field! I am both the player and head coach in my First Quarter of Real Estate in 2016 looking to dominate. If it were a game in the Madden 2016 video game, I’m looking for a 21–0 in the first quarter of the SuperBowl if you know the rule!

Let me know where you are in this First Quarter and also if I can help you in anyway reach out to me on Twitter @DiivoryE