Why you need to stay up to date with innovation

There comes a time in everyone’s life where they realize that time and technology has passed them by. Today the top apps are Snapchat and Instagram. in 2010 it was facebook and before that it was myspace. Even as i write this new social media apps such as peach are hitting the market. How does this affect you and the way you work? The answer is marketing. Understanding this market is so critical it hurts… literally. As a realtor I have to know which market I am hitting. There is absolutely no point in posting a retirement home on peach which is on the market aiming at 13–18 year olds. If you and I were in a competition and you post a home for sale on instagram and I post the most affordable apartments for college students who would win? Me of course because instagram is aimed at ages 18–25. Now I know someone somewhere will say I sold a home to a college student aged 18–25 and I applaud you for that but there is no doubt that more than likely that post and your time will go to waste.

How do you figure out which apps are more useful than others?

It’s actually funny how this works because it’s the opposite from what social media was designed for and that is face to face interactions. Crazy right?! But it is the truth the more people in the more age groups that you interact with the more you will not only understand what app that age group will use which apps but how to use it more effectively. Now you are thinking first I have to learn which apps to use I also have use it more effective than my competition? The answer is simple and it is yes!

Before you post something on twitter it is incredible to think you can search on search.twitter.com. This lets you search certain hashtags that will help reach the audience you are. Many businesses have failed to understand the social network and just push all of their content on the same audience. Until you get very specific in where you market and who to, you will lose.

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