The reason you’re still a developer in an office

So you’re tired of working in an office on boring projects, with terrible code.

But you think you deserve to be working from anywhere because you’ve got talent.

Because you’ve got a Github where you forked a couple projects.

Because you can code better than your boss.

Well let me ask you this:
When was the last time you witnessed the passionate side of you?

Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

That side of you that said sleep can wait tonight,
I’ve got passion to unleash.

I’m building something straight from the heart,
and the only thing stopping me is once I reach FINISHED.

I’m talking about that unstoppable side of you.

Why do you hold it back?

Because instead of unleashing that potential, you binge Game of Thrones.
Well spoiler alert: everyone probably dies. move on.

Instead of finding time to get better,
to read more and get inspired,
to build something straight from the heart,
to give a talk at a meetup and inspire people,
to learn how a framework really works,
to contribute to an open source project…

Instead, you hold back.

You’re out picking up loot in The Division.
You’re holding back.

You’re 15 levels deep on YouTube autoplay.
You’re holding back.

So what, you can wake up and go to an office?
So you can keep fixing bugs like “It doesn’t work on my Motorola”?

Why is it now when you get blocked on a ticket, you wait to be told what to do?
Why is it now your progress updates just say: ‘Almost done’?
Why is it now you’re grinding in Hearthstone for free cards, but not grinding on coding skills that will earn you freedom?
Why is it now your commit messages mean nothing?

No one wants to be average.
But it’s a choice, a decision.

And your decision to choose average is why you’re still in an office,
and extraordinary developers are working from anywhere.

Let’s be real.

If you aren’t finding time every day, in some way, to inspire yourself, to drive yourself to work on things from the heart that help you learn and grow in powerful way, then you’re holding back.

Unleash yourself.
Go right now and find this part of you again.

Close YouTube.
Close Slack.
Close Gmail.
Close everything.
Unleash yourself.

Find that part of you again,
Discipline it.
Get up every day and say, “Let’s build.”

Unleash a new standard for what you do with your free time.

Never hold back on being confident and speaking up.
Never hold back on the little details, because every commit message counts.
Never hold back on pursuing your goals and growing more every day.
Never hold back knowledge from your team, move forward together.
Never hold back when challenges get bigger, just push through harder.

You want to code from anywhere?
The formula’s simple:
Never. Hold. Back.

Ryan Chartrand is the CEO of X-Team, a global team of extraordinary remote developers who can join your team and start executing today.

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