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New: Athlete Attendance Analytics

We just added a new feature in Commit Swimming that allows you to dig deeper into your team’s attendance numbers. Until now, in Commit, the attendance dashboard just showed you an overview of your entire team:

A common situation is when you (the coach) wants to pull up a specific swimmer to look at his or her attendance stats. This could be during a meeting with that athlete, the athlete’s parent, or just for your own knowledge.

So, we added a way to make viewing the attendance record for a particular swimmer simple and powerful.

To pull up a swimmer’s attendance record, simply…

Constantly feel like you have no time as a swim coach?

Commit won’t do your laundry or get you a beer. But, it will help you save time writing workouts.

Use this powerful data

There are so many ways to use this new information in Commit to improve your team. Over here at Commit, we thought of a couple ways:

One thing some coaches on Commit are already doing is using the new attendance analytics as a way to engage their swimmers. They made a team goal to see if everyone could get over a certain attendance percentage threshold for the season. And then every 2 weeks, they would pull up Commit in a team meeting to show how close the team was to that goal. This type of team goal setting is something that is fun and engaging for everyone!

It is now easier than ever to use this data during individual swimmer goal setting meetings. Simply pull up that swimmer’s attendance record on Commit and talk through a goal related to attendance. Showing up is something that every swimmer can “commit” to and this is an easy way to improve accountability for everyone.

There are so many other use cases for the new attendance analytics in Commit and it’s up to you to be creative and use this to improve your team’s performance!

Okay — So how do I try it?

If you are a swim coach and don’t know what Commit is or haven’t looked at Commit in a while, go to and click “Try it Now”. It’s free to try and no credit card required. With your trial, you get swimming’s #1 workout manager on all of your devices. This state of the art software is built specifically for swim coaches and comes with 24/7 first class customer support.

Commit Swimming

puts you, the coach, in control. Save more time writing workouts with Commit. Say goodbye to notebooks and clunky software.




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