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New in Commit: Personal Settings

Personal settings are one of those non-sexy things in any software out there. But they’re also super helpful when you want to reduce the amount of time it takes you to do a task with the app. Over the past few months, coaches have been requesting a way to set certain default settings in their accounts in Commit Swimming

So we added a personal preferences section that looks like this:

There’s always a balance when developing software you have to make. Do you add every checkbox and toggle out there so that users can customize every last detail? Or do you build opinionated software that isn’t bogged down with all of those options and picks a pretty good default?

At Commit, we usually lean on the side of not adding the extra option. However, we decided that in the case of some of these personal settings, it might not be a bad idea to add them in at the request of the coaches out there! So we did.

To get to the new settings section, click on “settings” in the menu. From there you will be able to update all of these new personal default preferences.

Okay — So how do I try it?

If you are a swim coach and don’t know what Commit is or haven’t looked at Commit in a while, go to and click “Try it Now”. It’s free to try and no credit card required. With your trial, you get swimming’s #1 workout manager on all of your devices. This state of the art software is built specifically for swim coaches and comes with 24/7 first class customer support.

Commit Swimming puts you, the coach, in control. Save more time writing workouts with Commit. Say goodbye to notebooks and clunky software.

Contact us anytime at You can also follow us on Facebook, on Twitter, or right here!

Originally published at on December 13, 2018.



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