My new publication, Commit to paper.

I started this new publication today, commit to paper. It means to explain everything related to researching, science, and publishing papers. Everyone can join in writing about how to write the best academic/ scholarly papers for scientific journals. I will also start a youtube channel, commit to paper.

Jiska Hachmer
Commit to paper


I was working on the Essence in life, and in all subjects, we can study.

So, we know what all people need, and which helps them develop best. A core all need in life. Also, the core we can find in any study. Also, a core that describes the essentials in any topic, per topic. So, people can study essentials. Also, so they can work from the core out. It is a bit like an abstract in a research paper, telling you everything the paper is about in a few sentences. It reveals the core of the paper. Then, all these essentials can help you understand a lot of topics faster. A bit like collecting summaries, but then the essentials of all the things you study.

I started Essence as my company, to find the essentials, the basic needs, the essentials of all essentials we need absolutely to survive and live best.

Also, the things we all need and must have at first to live, like basic needs, human rights, ethics, and the understanding of the scientific method. I made it also an academic field, to study all essentials. Any essential, but also place all essentials in order of priority, and how all fields, studies, and all essentials are related together. I wanted to have a company that searches for all essentials and helps people, and businesses to know all the most sophisticated ideas, and change their work into the best work they can do. So, they are most sophisticated and do not forget essential things in their life and at their work.

I am an environmental psychologist consultant, designing environments, also learning environments.

I am also, a Health Science student, I want to be an MD/psychologist, solving DSM that is actually not a DSM, but a physical disease, and find those diseases, solve them, and then see the DSM disappear, as they actually are not a DSM, but the response the people have are the physical diseases they have. I want to further study the brain, with fMRI, and other scans, too. I also, want to be a Youtube Doctor. I also am specialized in environmental science in my studies for my degree, and love to make tours for environmental science, so people can travel and study about the environment. I also made academic fields, and because I found some priorities we need to study.

At the university, all students also learn firstly about how to write papers for every course.

It is a basic study all scholars will learn first.

My personal studies to get to the essentials in life, and in all studies.

Also, the basic in all studies we do in every topic.

First, I found human rights we all need to study, as it is a human rights duty, but also all in the world everyone has to obey human rights.

Also, all the laws, and all we do can never violate human rights.

Human rights is also a science, about what humans truly are really (in all sciences, all subjects, and topics about what humans truly are, where we find the absolute truth on that), thus need (when we find out what humans truly are, we also find what they truly need to survive)and thus what must be put into laws, so people can have access to these rights.

So, I was puzzling about what to put in every design in all topics, like the most essentials of all essentials that count in any situation. I wanted to know what things are actually a duty in any situation, thus needed for any design I will make. Also, or the things needed to survive, or a basic need, etc.

Then, I found science is very important for everyone, as it helps us to further research, and think further on topics, and how to find absolute truth, which we need to know what humans are, and thus need and thus must be put into laws.

We will always need the absolute truth in all we study.

Eventually, we find the absolute truth, with the scientific method, everyone makes papers on topics and eventually we make scientific laws with that, when we found all variables in the story on the topic, and when we found all absolute truth about it and when we found all absolute truth of all variables together, which form the scientific law on that topic.

So, I found we always need in any design: Human Rights, and do that correctly, with the correct interpretation, and the scientific laws, and the scientific process, finding absolute truth.

The scientific process, absolute truth-finding process, and the collective knowledge of the Homo Sapiens are the same. With science, and the absolute truth process we raise the collective of the Homo Sapiens. So, those who cannot believe in the scientific process, can study absolute truth as a process and find the absolute truths, still, and can raise the collective knowledge of the Homo Sapiens, still. It means the same.

The scientific process is also meant as absolute truth, like a scientific law on what humans do when they are thinking, and how they can further study and find absolute truth, eventually. How they find the scientific laws.

I want to find these scientific laws and made the academic field Big Humanity, a part of Big History, so all can find all absolute truths and translate them to daily life.

Big Humanity is about the thresholds in Big History about human life. It is like sociology how Comte meant it. To find the absolute truth, the scientific laws about human life, and their social life, and translate the scientific laws we would eventually find to daily life, and explain how humans function together in society.

The scientific method is simply, the process of how humans are born, and think, and how always all people start all thoughts with wondering, questioning, researching, hypotheses and experiments and share results.

So, I also found academic skills are very essential and are something we need to do at first.

I tried to make categories for the steps we make in all we do.

There is a start, essence, study, and end. We also manage this end. We have this framework and these steps in studying, but also in life, and thinking. We are born and have a start. We have a start in wondering. We also have all essentials and foundations when we are little, or at the start of a study. We then study the entire study we prefer to study. Then, there is an end to this, there is an outcome. Then, we can also manage this end, and work on doing the start, the essence, the study better to have better outcomes.

While we find all variables in the story and we then can get to the end of the story, to the scientific laws, and absolute truths.

We also go up in levels in our study and thinking process and get manage this process by asking better questions and learn more subjects we need to find better research questions, and studies, to get to a better end.

There is a start in all we do, learning about what humans are, about human rights, also, academic skills.

There is a start in life, in thoughts, in starting studies, and then we first find the essentials, the basics, the foundations of these studies and ideas, then we study on topics. We work from the core out, from these essentials to all details, to all variables on topic, and we end with the scientific laws on a topic. Then, we have an end in our studies, and we can manage this end. We can create an idea of where we want to end in life and our studies, and we can manage this end. So, we can in the learning process find ways to think better to end better.

Also, Social Emotional Learning (SEL), and academic skills, are very important.

Just all we need to learn better is important and a part of the start in all we do in life and in our studies.

So, also the design of learning, itself is an important start.

We can learn what learning is, and how we learn best, make better designs for it, and thus have better study outcomes.

I tried to find the order in all these essentials, and what should be the first topic anyone studies.

The study on essentials, the academic field essence is forever continuing and for all to study on, so we eventually find the absolute truth on what is the most essential core of things we should know, and what are the most essentials in all things we could study. Also, what is the best learning design? If everyone studies this, and we share our knowledge on this topic, we find the absolute truth eventually. The field can get to the scientific laws, eventually. This will help all human beings, also will help them learn better all subjects and topics, and lets them find a subtract-like core in all they do, so they can build out from these cores. Also, will help everyone to build out from the main core, from what is essential to everyone, in life, not only what is essential in all studies.

I came to the human rights, and basic needs, thus the science of what humans truly are a very important essential

(thus also the studies biology, Big History and the academic field I made, as a part of Big History, Big Humanity, and the essence, as a part of any study and an academic skill).

Also, the scientific method, and all related to the essentials of learning.

Thinking and studying is essentially about the same process, wondering, questioning, researching, hypotheses, experiments, and sharing our results. It is the process we go through in thinking and shows how far we come in our thinking. Do, we remain with just opinions, and theories, or do we find absolute truth?

Also, it is simply the scientific method. The scientific method means to describe this natural thinking process of humans and finding the truth, so it is logically the same process, we can see it truly is indeed the same process, but also it is an academic skill.

So, I wanted to make a foundational work, besides the rest of my work.

So, I wanted to make a foundational work for all I developed over time, as a part of Essence and Big Humanity, and my school for the ombudscycle and the OWO divisions I am working on, as an essential course for all people in all these studies. For all at the start of any study. Also, for all people in their own development and for all businesses.

Also, as the academic skill and essentials, we need to learn first before we study any study.

Also, for all work that will come out of our studies.

When we get to the outcomes of our studies, we will publish our work.

During our studies, we make papers, which later on become scientific papers we publish in journals. These papers we publish become our work.

It is essential for all scholars, to write papers. It is essential for all graduated people to publish their work in journals, to get attention for the studies they studied and the results they found, to let everyone know the results, and it makes the people find them. So, the people can interview them about their work studied and published, and it is essential to get jobs on topic.

So, I found this foundation of being able to write the best papers and to learn how to publish papers, is an important foundation for all things I do and develop. It is also essential to all other people.

So, I work a lot for the human rights of everyone, I also work a lot on explaining the scientific method.

Also, on finding the truth process and academic skills, so, everyone learns how to do this.

I want to make a Youtube channel about this, also I want to write here in my publication about it, and collect all information on topic.

I think all students, firstly learn to write papers, and learn about the best learning designs, so they get better results in their scholarly work at the university. So, I will continue all my work, but also spend a lot of time on this start, so I will know all about this first basic topic myself, too, and will do better in all research I do, Also, everyone will have a place to go to to learn how to do this.

About my publishing work

I published my first article in Frontiers 2 years ago.

My professor from a study I did on Coursera had published his work in Frontiers. He had asked all students to see his work in Frontiers. I learned about research articles because of his work and saw Frontiers was looking for researchers to publish work. I wanted to know who can publish and when? I did classes on writing research papers, and wanted to publish one myself. I joined the Frontiers education and psychology journal to publish an article.

They had our journal open for new research for a long time, and I decided to make a book review, as I had read a good book that could be used for future research in this field.

I did not yet have any other research ready for a journal. So, I tried to write the book review correctly. I also, read the guidelines of Frontiers for a book review and learned online from many websites what a book review in a scientific journal should look like.

So, I tried to publish my first article, and I was very lucky my paper was accepted. Most first articles are not accepted. I read online how many researchers had issues publishing their first article.

Also, most article are not read much, so I didn’t expect to have many readers, but I did. So, I was very lucky.

From this publication I get a lot of attention in the field, people want to do interview me, and soon I have a few interviews.

I didn’t do any yet, although they were requested, as I am learning what I should say in interviews, also, I work on Covid19, and I am a BSc Health Science student at the University of the People, so, I hardly have time. I will make time for it now, and soon be published in scientific magazines, and about my researches and work.

The book I wrote about in my book review is one of my favorite books I used while raising my kids, and which explained to me all moods children can have while growing up.

I wished from the first moment I read the book, to study myself in psychology, teaching, and some other studies about the weather in moods for all ages.

The researchers of the book had collected information about this “weather” forecast for the development and the mood related to development for babies. I wanted to further study on this and decided to start college.

I was a therapist, but I had not yet a degree. The degree system was new in my country, the Netherlands, I had done other college diplomas, which are not the same level as the bachelor's degree system.

I first studied elementary teaching, then transferred to psychology, became educational psychologist, and some other psychology types, and studied management and a lot of health science subjects at the university level. Then, I was delayed in my studies by the local dutch insurance, as I am handicapped and part of the plan is that I study for a degree else I cannot work. I will need to combine a few jobs, and I will need my studies on a high level to get jobs combined the way it fits me.

Then, was forced to work too much, in exploitation, labor exploitation because of this, while at the same time had to get to court in a long process to get my right, as this plan is a duty, and the locals refused to do the plan and forced me into labor illegally. It was a fraud by them, we learned. I won the case and got back to just studying, as I must finish my degree first. But this process since 2012 which I won in 2020, made it so the degree I was studying for in the Netherlands was changed, and some classes they did not do anymore, so, couldn't finish that degree, because of them delaying that study, which also gave me an extreme debt in my study funds debt, in this country. While I was not even ever allowed to work yet, only to study, and finish the degree, but also, had this study fund income as income, so they had no right to delay me and cause this debt to me, while weirdly lying about I should work, as the study fund counted as income, and they only paid the money I would also get for the handicap, and nothing for the work/ study income they usually give people, as I had that through the funds. So they gave me lots of debt and delayed my degree. They exploited me extremely, especially the force to work eventually when the court case was going, and they stopped my entire income. This caused me a lot of deadly situations, with new illnesses, like extremely high blood pressure, etc. (Above 200/ 140, more like 245/ 140). I now have elanapril, and am still working on my health.

Then I transferred to BSc in health science, as I want to become an MD/psychologist. I did get my psychology diploma already, but not yet have a degree, as I must have that according to this plan, which is a duty.

I also love studying BSc Health science, which I almost couldn't continue as I got extremely sick with my blood pressure after this long time exploitation, my body got extremely sick. On top of that labor exploitation, my kids were stolen with fraud locally, in human trafficking with laundry through court, which the country now works against with all professionals as it is clear what the issue is, the kids are worth money, and they human traffic kids with an extreme fraud and laundry by some professionals, and extremely lots of kids. While we only asked for an adjustment at school, so they were also already named by the human rights college we name that in dutch discrimination in education, but we also as dutch just had crimes by the same people with taxes and kids and families, making them look like criminals, while they never were. That tribunal is done already and made clear we now have to work on these cases as we have with my kids, and many kids in the Netherlands. Many are stolen this same way, and even worse than the cases in the last tribunals we had. This also made many people working for this tribunal very burned out and ill, as it is an extreme crime to go through at work and to solve together. This human trafficking is even worse and a lot of work we do already some years, to stop it and to change everything, and to jail these workers that do this. My kids were also already studying for bsc degrees at a young age, which we followed the attendance officers in another city for, as these locals were criminal and didn't want to respond, only with crime. So, we followed the entire system with many officials besides that, and the locals refused the duty and true laws, and human trafficked my kids, so they benefit income, as they use kids for income, in the news we even read how many local govs use these kids for income to fill gaps locally financially, and worse, lots of the other kids were raped too, while their parents were incorrectly named frauds, while these workers are the frauds and human traffickers even. My kids have EQF 5 diplomas some years now, and were studying EQF 6 degrees, bachelor degrees, and only had to do some more months to get those degrees. The locals refused the true laws and routes and all the experts that have the right to decide, hijacked the case and frauded and human trafficked etc but also to just get them on lower levels, to hurt and damage the kids future, as they are mentally ill themselves, like ticked off by it, that some kids will have at a young age degrees. They took their rights and keep them hostage and not give their rights, with foster parents that are extremely bad parents, very mentally ill and criminal. The national gov is not a good gov, but many of the inspections etc are working on our region as they noted the crimes and how extremely bad we live here, compared to all other regions. But it is also a national issue. Kids and families are extremely exploited in the Netherlands.

I was also targeted because I work for the human rights, and kids rights, and am psychologist etc, and am at a higher level then themselves, it is to intimidate, and to not do the real routes, and to dumbly show to all above them, the courts don't rule, but they do that, when they want to to do laundry, they hijack, and showed the routes how they do that. That their local courts are their laundry friends, and we all should obey them as criminals at work. We need to free everyone from them and jail them, including all the judges involved, and local gov workers etc, and all workers they used in these cases. It is to me also just work as I studied on topic, and worked on topic for years now, to stop crime at work, and to stop these out of hand mental illnesses in the crime spectrum at work.

I made my own publications here at Medium.

My publications at Medium I made to write more articles. I was already a writer a long time, and wanted to make publications. Medium had that option, and I love to write in publications. So, I made this publication, as now we can have more than 7 publications. Before we could make only 7 publications.

I am a peer reviewer for the American Psychological Association (APA).

I did a few peer reviews for APA now, and related to also Covid19, as a health science student. I peer review at the university every week, as all students must, but at the APA I peer review for divisions.

I also peer review on academia.

Soon I will be an editor for a journal, I was asked to become an editor. That is a new journal outside the ones I know already.

In the scientific process, we all can join, it is democracy leading to monopoly.

From the beginning all people can add their findings, but it must be done correctly with the academic skills scholars have. Then the absolute truth is found eventually, it can take some lifetimes, sometimes, but all scientific topics can get to absolute truth in the end, after all work all people have done in the field. When all variables are found, and all absolute truths, together making the scientific law, with math formula.

So, I hope you join, and learn to write good papers. I hope I can find all the best sources and explain all parts of science, and writing scientific papers. But, you can help! We can collect all sources, and help everyone by being a good source to learn to write best scientific papers.