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All You Need To Know About Commit Good

Commit Good is a reward-based, charitable marketplace, fundraising, and philanthropic ecosystem built on the Ethereum platform.

Commit Good aims to bring a solution to the current problems that charitable donors and beneficiaries face.

So far charitable giving followed the normal monetary process of cash, checks, and bank card transactions. This process needed 3rd parties — such as banks, cards, institutions — who managed and controlled donations. Commit Good is going to change this.

The Commit Good platform employs multiple smart contracts to benefit both donor and charity while generating revenue and attributing $GOOD tokens. This engine will power a virtual charitable economy where social and economic interactions are governed by rules prescribed by smart contracts resulting in absolutely no need for a third party or regulator. Its Ethereum blockchain-powered smart contracts make donations more measurable, traceable and impactful.

Commit Good will also solve the problem of having a global donation platform due to the different regulations per country. Our platform introduces its own token called $GOOD. This will allow users to donate $GOOD tokens to any charity anywhere in the world. We allow charities to post current projects and allow our user base to vote on the most impactful and they are rewarded with $GOOD tokens.

In the new Commit Good charitable economy, every transaction serves the needy, smart contracts are void third party providing accountability, a revenue-generating cryptocurrency marketplace, and a delivery mechanism. In addition, donors and charities receive $GOOD tokens for helping their local community members.

Join us today if you want to see the important and useful changes in the world of charity.

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The future of charity is now on blockchain

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