Leave the bakers alone

Ok, people are fired up about Indiana’s new Religious Freedom law even though the federal government and many other states have the same law (Indiana is not an anomaly when it comes to this legislation). I would recommend reading about suspect classification to see how the United States deals with discrimination. Here is my thought though. I think that if a gay couple that wants a baker to bake them a wedding cake and the baker says that that is something I do not want to promote because of my religious values the baker should be allowed to do this without being sued. On the other hand I would equally think it would be ridiculous for a man or a woman who are about to get married to go to a known gay or lesbian baker and tell this baker to write “marriage is between a man and woman” (which I believe in) on the cake. Why cause problems? Find another baker!!!!!!!!! People need to grow up. The difference is between offering basic goods and services to those your are against like letting someone stay in your hotel or eat in your restaurant (which, in this country you should do but not be forced to do) and promoting (including financial promotion) something you are against. In this case baking a wedding cake for a gay couple or, for example, making a sign (if you are a sign maker) about the benefits of polygamy. (you should not be force to do this) The line between promotion and offering goods and services can be a fine line and would need responsible government leaders to decipher it. Also, you should be forced to offer life saving services and services essential to living (like shelter and food) but things that are not necessary should not require a government mandate for you to provide a service. Unfortunately we are in short supply of these people so we get to have these petty arguments that should be easily solved.

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