The Obamacare disaster

I think more and more people are crowdfunding healthcare and I think that is going to be an option for many people in the future. I think that we should be able to buy insurance across state lines and there should be high risk pools. Constitutionally, I have no problem with a state implementing a plan like Obamacare or if Obamacare was taking out of my check (if we opened up state lines as it would need to involve interstate commerce) like medicare and social security as that is a taxing power. If we implemented a constitutional amendment allowing it, it would be ok with me too. I had a problem with the word “penalty” being changed to “tax” and since you can’t buy healthcare outside of state line, it is not interstate commerce and therefore cannot be taxed. Here is a good explanation of how the Supreme Court mangled the constitution to allow the law to stand. The state exchanges that were encouraged through the law were defined to mean the IRS by the Supreme Court when the states refused to participate. The Supreme Court just made up this new definition to make the law work. I don’t know if you were on your parents plan or your medical issue was covered since Obamacare. I assume that if you were helped by Obamacare, it is because the government forced the insurance company to accept you. The effect of that is that people who were normally not accepted now had insurance. The problem is that somebody has to pay for it and that is why insurance rates are skyrocketing right now. I do think there is a solution to this. I would not accept it as a binary choice, Democrats say either you get insurance or you don’t and get sick, there are ways around it that do not involve raising everyone else’s rates. I have a real problem with socialism. I live in a communist country. China owns all the banks and they ration bank workers throughout different branches in the country. So, I can go to the bank with 30 people ahead of me with one teller. This can take up to five hours. Or Gas. My dad likes gas buddy. All the gas here is the same price. There is no “cheaper” gas here. I firmly believe capitalism and innovation are the best for economic growth.