Keeping Americans Confused

The Plot

(Jim Nutting) Elitists figured out that if they hit us with their agenda one scam at a time someone would catch on to their internationalist plans for world government control. Our republic is the biggest hurdle they have. Once we collapse, the dominoes will fall throughout the world.

Our constitution is like a chastity belt that supposed to keep us from getting screwed. However, our government’s leftist traitors are picking the lock. As our three branches of government are eroding into one administrative green branch, our once powerful nation’s citizenry is going into total confusion.

Agencies like the EPA are regulating the private sector into the poor house. They are blocking economic progress by stopping the Keystone pipeline from Canada. Even though more oil was discovered here in our own country that could keep us from our dependency on Middle Eastern and Venezuelan oil, the green branch feels that their alternative energy managed by the government will achieve the same goal. The green movement is now placing their flag in the form of solar panels on top of the White House.

During the so-called Arab Spring, Americans were overwhelmingly supporting the anti Mubarak protesters in the hope that a utopian democracy will come out of the ashes. Americans have an idea that everyone thinks like we do and that the whole world can be saved from dictatorships, oligarchies and theocracies. We were trained to believe in freedom. Americans did not think that after all the Arab Spring bloodshed, the violent Islamist Muslim Brotherhood would put their puppet boy Morsi in power. We still negotiate aid and arms give-aways with them for billions of dollars. Now the so-called anti Islamist Egyptians and the army who removed Morsi are at war with the Muslim Brotherhood. Islamist protesters are fighting the Army and making themselves martyrs. During the time I write this article over 1000 Islamists have been killed and thousands wounded. This potential civil war just may shut down the Suez Canal causing gas prices here to skyrocket.

We need independence from all foreign oil. We need to pump oil right here in our own country without the green branch of the government getting involved. Let the private sector take over and when we prosper again as the richest country in the world, we could afford to let more private industry create alternative energy and create jobs doing it.

Standing up to this elitist administration is difficult when Obama and his cronies use the patriot act and the now ‘federal police’ to strike fear into the American people. The NSA, IRS and countless thugs with acronyms digging into the lives of citizens, journalists and patriot organizations who see right through this fog of deception and financially break them down.

We need to understand that money sucking and cash printing elitists want to put us into anarchy so that they can rise to power without the restraints of our great constitution.

Neither the elitists or the Islamists are our friends. There is no cure for the turmoil in Egypt or Syria. The Islamists are now murdering massive amounts Coptic Christians. Even if the Army there wins, they will only replace their leadership with another thug in a funny hat. How much more money will we send there? Just look at what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan after we shed American blood trying to promote Jeffersonian democracy. In Iraq the Chaldean Christian population left to flee Islamist persecution. I cannot say much about Afghanistan because things have been terrible there for years and it will always be a heroin producing Islamist stronghold.

Here at home it is a war against culture and family. Small business and the American worker are going broke. I am not going to only blame president Obama, congress has been spending money like crack heads for years but now we the people are expected to pay for their arrogant greed and stupidity. The green administration is getting exposed and that scares them. They purchase tons of ammunition and get tough on gun laws. Again, the chastity belt is still on and it is slowing their roll. It isn’t about hunting or home safety, its about defending ourselves from tyranny with the green thugs and the Islamist terrorists wishing to destroy our republic from both inside and out.

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