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Why Some Wines Smell Like Flowers

If you’ve ever smelled a Muscat or Gewürztraminer wine, you probably noticed that it smelled like flowers. Where does this smell come from? Terpenes.

A drawing of four common terpene aromas (geranium, lemon, rose, lavender) next to their chemical symbols
Some common terpene aromas: geranium, lemon, rose, and lavender. (Drawing by Anna Sprenger)

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are found in the skin of the grape. They constitute many of the floral, citrusy, or spicy compounds in essential oils. They are also responsible for the floral smell of marijuana.




Common Road Wine breaks down complicated wine science topics for an audience of wine enthusiasts, amateurs, and professionals.

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Charlotte Adams

Charlotte Adams

Wine science master’s student at ISVV, Bordeaux. Editor of Common Road Wine. I like cool-climate wines & outdoor hockey rinks.

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