Water Reporter Campaigns

Throw away your data sheets, the simplest work flow available for data collection has arrived! Water Reporter now provides an option for subscription holders to create custom campaigns and forms. This is our first huge feature roll out for subscription holders in 2018, and it’s one that can really shake up how your organization can collect and share their work.

Anatomy of Campaigns

All current campaigns can be found in the master campaign list. New campaigns created by organizations or partnerships will appear in this list and can be searched by the entire community. We’ve created some community-wide campaigns from existing posts for everyone to explore. Go take a look!

Each campaign hosts a landing page with a quick description, basic participant analytics, and a feed of all reports submitted by date. Visitors to the campaign see the total number of posts, the total number of participating organizations, and the number of members sharing observations to the campaign. You can check out the number of campaigns per user or scroll through a feed of all campaigns contributed to date. An individual can add a new campaign post by clicking on the “State a post” button.

When the user taps on “Start a Post” he or she will arrive at the campaign repot submission page. The page looks similar to the general report submission with one exception — the campaign organizers will be notified of the post without toggling on any groups.

After the user clicks submit they’ll be asked if they want to add data to a custom form as well. For those that answer in the affirmative, a custom form field will appear for the responses to be added.

Set up your first campaign

When you’re ready to set up a campaign for your organization, get in touch with us at support@waterreporter.org. We’ll work with you to come up with a title, description, and time frame for your campaign.

Your custom data form can include unlimited fields with responses that can be text, numbers, or yes/no responses. The responses to the form will be available to the campaign organizers as a CSV download and visible in the campaign through each post.

The set up process will take one to two weeks, including an opportunity for you to review the campaign and form before it goes live.

Pro level subscription holders have one campaign set-up included in their service per year. Premium level holders can set up two campaigns. Additional campaigns can be set up for an additional cost.

Have any additional questions, reach our team at support@waterreporter.org.