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Last Week in Governance: Tally bug causes contentious Uniswap governance proposal to be canceled, Uniswap research report shows underlying tensions with Discord community, Althea launch Cosmos Gravity Bridge & more

A Recap of Last Week in Governance (Week ending Aug 20)

This post covers in brief the major news and events in DAO governance that we have highlighted over the past week. For a more detailed breakdown check out the full article and engage with our community on our blog.

Let’s take a quick look at what happened in governance last week…

The Uniswap Governance proposal #7 was cancelled due to a voting bug. Announcing the cancellation via a Twitter thread, the Tally team indicated that the voting process was significantly impacted by an error in their interface. As a result, the system would erroneously submit an ‘against’ vote as a ‘for’ vote.

A research report has established that there are conflicts between Uniswap’s vision vs. the actual community dynamics in Discord for several themes. The study that was conducted by researchers supported by Uniswap Grants Program & Ethereum Foundation established there was conflict in these three thematic areas: Users as customers vs. stakeholders, Governance & accessibility and “Autonomous” community.

Twitter user @alexxzzhang shared his thoughts on social tokens and how they have the potential to “function like cities” via a thread. They posited that the tokens can function as both currency and a form of digital real estate.

Clay, crypto investor at Slow Ventures, shared a deep-dive on DAOs from the simplest frameworks via his Twitter account @crabbylions. He observed that the guiding ideas that will define the future of DAOs include tooling and flexible privacy while indicating that DAOs don’t need to be monoliths.

Cosmos announced the launch of their Gravity Bridge that will serve as an independent and credibly neutral Cosmos-SDK blockchain providing the entire SDK community with a neutral bridge to Ethereum and eventually all major EVM chains.




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