20 Creative Ideas That Cost Under $20K

Julian Cole
Nov 10, 2016 · 5 min read

With production budgets getting tighter, it feels like it is harder than ever to get great ideas out there for little money. Sometimes you just need a little inspiration of other ideas that have been made.

This is a list that we keep around to remind us of work has been done on a production budget of $20k or less (in some cases it is our estimate of how much it would have cost).

1. Lowe’s ‘In A Snap’ (BBDO)

Lowe’s created DIY projects that you could tap through on Snapchat.

2. Snickers ‘Google Mispelling’ (BBDO)

Realizing that office workers are not themselves when they’re hungry, Snickers created a number of Google adwords for commonly misspelled words.

3. Taco Bell ‘Taco Emoji Engine’

To celebrate the taco getting added to the emoji keyboard, Taco Bell created a response engine that gave you a personalized GIF when you tweeted Taco Bell with the new emoji and another emoji.

4. Expedia ‘Throwback Thursday’

Expedia capitalized on the #throwbackthursday trend and launched a competition giving families the chance to recreate their old great holidays shots.

5. Bacardi x Goldroom ‘Incognito Mode’ (BBDO)

Bacardi partnered with musician Goldroom to create a digital scavenger hunt that offered contestants the chance to score tickets and more by browsing on Google Chrome’s incognito mode

6. Netflix ‘Slow Tweet’

Netflix proved their point with a simple tweet about how losing net neutrality would slow down our internet

7. Puerto Rico Tourism Board ‘Miserable in Puerto Rico’

Puerto Rico Tourism Board responded to Reddit users Kevin Blandford’s popular collection of miserable photos from his solo trip to Puerto Rico by giving him the chance to redo the trip with his family.

8. Yacht ‘L.A Plays Itself’ (BBDO)

Yacht launched their lead single ‘L.A plays itself’ by actually getting LA to decide when the song would be released. The song could only be accessed on their site when Uber was surcharging in L.A.

9. UNICEF ‘Good Shirts’

BBH/UNICEF created a range of shirts with different items on them that needed to be donated. Shirts were sold on Threadless for the price of that item (ex: $24.30 for the shirt with the measles needle on it)

10. Century 21 ‘Thanksblasting’

A more engaging take on the “average versus” battle online. Thanksblasting pitted thanksgiving favorites against each other for a public vote, with the losing dish being blown up

11. Papa John’s ‘NFL Pizzas’

For the NFL draft, Papa John’s recruited a pizza artist to create pizzas using the logos of all the league’s teams. They shared the time-lapse capture of making the pizza on Instagram

12. A24 ‘Tusk Marijuana’

For the release of the new indie film ‘Tusk’, the movie studio teamed up with a local medical marijuana dispensary to sell two new cannabis strains specifically created for viewers

13. Sweethearts ‘Tweethearts’

Twitter users were able to tweet customizable messages to Sweethearts. In return, the candy brand sent back images of the messages on candy, giving users the option to buy a bag of the custom sweets for an additional $20

14. Pornhub ‘Wank Band’

Pornhub have entered the world of wearable tech. The ‘wank band’ creates energy while users ‘get to business,’ allowing them to charge other devices. The product will be launched to a small group of beta testers, and participants will be given prizes for the amount of energy they create.

15. 7/11 ‘Bring Your Own Cup Day’

7–11 created a “Bring Your Own Cup Day,” where people could bring any cup into a 7–11 and fill to the brim with their favorite Slurpee flavor. 7/11 kicked the campaign off on facebook, using user input for posters

16. HBO ‘Veep Robocall’

For season 3 of “Veep,” Selina Meyer announced that she would be running for president. Fans were encouraged to call her phone number, where they received a robocall message telling them about her “campaign.” HBO also launched a campaign site where users could create their own campaign posters

17. NBC ‘30 Rock Emoji Quotes’

NBC launched a fun interactive activity on social media asking users to decipher 30 Rock quotes written with emojis instead of words. Fans soon followed suit, making the emoji sentences go viral

18. Adam Tensta ‘One Copy Song’

In a world of mass consumption of music, Adam Tensta brought value to his new album by making one digital copy of his new album meaning only one person could listen at a time

19. Reese’s ‘#AllTreesAreBeautiful’

Reese’s turned a complaint about their Christmas Tree Reese’s into a positive starting an #alltreesarebeautiful wave on social media.

20. KIND ‘Awesome Cards’

KIND launched a campaign to promote kindness (on World Kindness Day), and trial of KIND bars by enabling consumers who saw others perform an act of kindness to send them an “Awesome Card” via email, Facebook or Twitter. The card earned the benevolent recipient a free KIND bar, as well as a card to give to someone else for performing a good deed.

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