5 Reasons Why Facebook + Millennial Moms is a No Brainer

Investing in Facebook advertising for millennial moms may seem like a no brainer, but if there isn’t enough media support, it’s necessary to make the case for the missed opportunity with your clients.

Ultimately we want our media channels to be appropriate for the target, but we should prioritize a smaller number of heavy hitting channels that work well instead of spreading our communications across an array of mediums without enough support to get the message across.

Since we know Facebook is a local watering hole for millennial moms, we should first make sure we have a solid investment in the platform before we explore other channels.

Here are 5 reasons that substantiate the investment in Facebook:

1. Facebook offers free brand lift metrics

  • Facebook gives you access to free measurement tools like Estimated Ad Recall Lift (EARL), which tells you how many people will remember the ad after two days (a critical new piece to solve the puzzle of advertising results)

2. Facebook ads are guaranteed views because you only pay if someone sees your ad and the platform is resistant to ad fraud

  • The newsfeed scroll on Facebook creates opportunity for ads to be seen. Facebook assesses an impression when an ad hits your screen, which suggests there is possibility the ad will be seen as the consumer actively scrolls through their news feed
  • Alternatively, banner ad view ability is at 48% and you are charged regardless of whether the ad is viewable or not (Unless you’re willing to pay a substantial premium for viewable impressions, which are new and not universally available)
  • Lastly, Facebook advertisers are not susceptible to ad fraud because the platform shut down its demand-side ad buying platform after it learned that many of the banner ads being purchased were often being served to bots

3. Facebook’s ads are instantly compelling — in a fraction of a second, Facebook videos increase lift in ad recall, brand awareness and purchase consideration

  • A Nielsen study revealed that lift occurred across ad recall, brand awareness and purchase consideration the moment a video ad was viewed and just watching under three seconds of a video ad created up to 47% of the total campaign value.

4. Facebook combats the growing ad blocker user base through its mobile app

  • Facebook’s mobile app is resistant to adblockers and the desktop version has codes created against them, which will counteract the growing adblocker user base that is predicted to be nearly 70mm by the end of 2017

5. Millennial moms rely on social media as a resource for parenting

  • A study of 1,000 millennial parents with at least one child 10 or younger revealed that more than 90% of moms and dads found Facebook as well as other social media to be somewhat to extremely helpful to their parenting

So even though Facebook may feel like a an obvious choice, it’s always a good a idea to see the statistics that support your intuition.