Guide to Comms Planning

Starting out in planning can be a tough place. Unfortunately, there is little to no guidance around how to become a great planner.

The role is evolving, with more research coming out that the integration of the work leads to better business results, planners are now expected to not only guide the initial idea but also the shape of the integrated campaign.

The role of a Comms Planners was born out of the need to think strategically about the integration of a campaign. With the discipline of Communications Planning emerging rapidly, it’s clear there is a need for n information and process around how to perform the role of a Comms planner.

Creating a sound process around a subject can only come from trial and error - stress testing a system. Unfortunately, as planners, there are only so many campaigns that we can run each year.At BBDO NY, we decided that we could speed up this learning process if we shared our learning from stress testing the system with each other. We call it ‘knowledge through collective experience’.

‘Knowledge through collective experience’

As this blog develops, we’ll be giving a glimpse into our team’s knowledge, through how-to guides and thought leadership pieces, in hopes that we can help establish the discipline and give planners coming into the industry the tools they need on tackle this new and emerging area.

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