Traditional Media is Dead. Long Live Traditional Media.

Facebook’s Q2 2016 earning sent the stock soaring to new heights. With the stock up 30% year over year, it’s clear that this mobile advertising juggernaut is transforming the ad industry. At BBDO, we have embraced the rise of Facebook by launching Project Thumb Breaker — an initiative that is fueling BBDO’s ambition to become the most effective creator of Facebook ads in the world.

While Facebook has transformed the ad industry, legacy brands have been disrupted by upstarts. The direct-to-consumer model combined with excellent customer service and smart branding has enabled Casper, Harry’s and many others to generate billions of dollars in revenue in less than a few years. Unilever’s acquisition of Dollar Shave Club demonstrates how disruptive this model can be… Unilever clearly intends to challenge P&G’s dominant brand Gillette.

Facebook advertising is a strong driver for brand growth. However, it’s a channel that works best as part of a broader ecosystem. Research has proven that integrated campaigns that leverage a range of channels drive stronger business results.

It’s clear that Harry’s and Casper have embraced the value of integrated campaign development — they don’t rely on Facebook, Google or any one individual channel. I ride the New York subway to work everyday. More and more, the OOH subway ads I see are from startup brands like Talkspace, Casper and Harry’s. And you know what… the ads work. If I am stressed out from a long challenging week, the Talkspace ad telling me that their app can pair me with a therapist instantly for $32/week is pretty effective. If I am tired and don’t really want to cook or go out, the Seamless ad makes me far more likely to order in. If I just moved or am not sleeping well, the Casper ad definitely encourages me to buy a new mattress. And if I am on the way to work after just getting ready, the Harry’s ad definitely makes me feel that Harry’s great design and style could make the start to my day just a little bit smoother.

Brilliant OOH ad from Talkspace. Note the social norming strategy that makes the app look popular and effective.

So, we should listen when Time Warner says that 95% of video consumption happens on TV and that Facebook video on its own would rank as the #158th most watched show. And we should listen when Facebook says it has 1.03B daily active mobile users. No individual media channel can become the golden bullet for a campaign. Marketers who want to create the most effective work need to leverage communications planning to integrate all of their advertising across all channels. Strong communications planning generates a multiplier effect on the impact of advertising. All channels, from print to OOH to TV to Facebook, are pillars of strong campaign ecosystems.

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