Branding Creatives by Day, Fowling Fanatics by Night

A glimpse into Moncur’s fun-filled football-bowling happy hour.

Footballs flying in every direction. Beers spilling upon impact left and right. Bowling pins rolling across the floor. Our most recent happy hour was mass chaos. And it was awesome!

You may be asking: What the heck were we doing with footballs, bowling pins, and beers? We were fowling, of course—at the brand new HUB Stadium in Auburn Hills.

Watch out fowling, here we come!

In case you haven’t heard, fowling is the cool new thing. It’s a crazy combination of football and bowling, with a hint of cornhole and/or beer pong. Each team takes turns throwing a football to a set of bowling pins on the other side of the arena. The goal, obviously, is to knock down all of the pins before your rival team. Trust me, it’s harder than you’d think. (But… I’m also not the most coordinated athlete at Moncur, as my short stint on the office football team proved).

Almost our whole Moncur crew braved the I-75 traffic to go fowling for the afternoon. Together, we indulged in some adult beverages, noshed on some snacks, and took turns dodging footballs and knocking down pins. It was a great time, filled with lots of laughs, team building, and maybe a few bruises, too. You know what they say—work hard, play hard. That’s the Moncur way of life!

You too can be a part of this fun-loving team—we’re hiring! Check out our current job postings to see if there’s a good fit for you.

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