Meet Peggy: Moncur’s Wooden Wonder

Peggy is a trophy wife.

Let me explain.

At Moncur, our little wooden friend Peggy is symbol of excellence and an outlet for creativity. Every two weeks, a team member awards her to someone that has been rocking it out at their job. Peggy goes on lots of adventures with lots of people, takes on different styles, and has multiple personalities.

She’s traveled.

She’s experimented.

She’s seen some things.

Peggy is an object with the objective to live vicariously through others and bring their experiences to life.

It’s fun to help build her persona, as she in turn, represents your own.

Peggy is an expression of our culture and our people in a meaningful way. She ends up teaching you what moments are important or entertaining, what you want to capture, how you want to be perceived through her as you give her your own perspective and perception.

Peggy is wise behind her wooden façade.

Catch all of Peggy’s adventures on the her Instagram channel and enjoy more creativity from our branding + digital agency at