Moncur Competes in the Southfield CommUNITY Cup Challenge

It’s been a fun-filled few weeks of friendly competition for Team Moncur as we battled it out against 15 other local businesses in the first-ever Southfield CommUNITY Cup challenge. Here’s a glimpse into the games:

Cornhole Tournament

It was a screamin’ hot day at the Southfield Eat the Beat, where the inaugural Southfield CommUNITY Cup Challenge kicked off with an intense cornhole tournament. It was “BYOB” style: bring your own board, so Moncur tricked out our boards with a spunky pattern of our “M.” Unfortunately, our team didn’t get to play on our own boards — instead we were stuck with a set that was slippery as ice — and try-as-we-might, our bags consistently slid off into the no-point zone. In the end, we were one-and-done, but that just meant we got to hit up the food trucks sooner!

Quiz Bowl

On June 15, companies gathered at the newly-opened Nomad Grill for a battle of wits. In Family Feud style, teams were prompted with questions such as “Name a horror movie with a famous villain.” Teams then had to agree on what they thought was the most popular survey answer. Moncur took a strong lead in rounds one and two, but tragically dropped the ball when “Beanie Babies” didn’t make the list for “Name a popular fad from history” (HOW does that even happen?!).

Golf Scramble

The golf scramble was Moncur’s time to shine, as we were in charge of hosting the event. Between planning, wrangling the teams, coordinating volunteers, and creating some sick swag, we definitely had our hands full — but we must say, we totally rocked it out. The Marshmallow Drive was a big hit — it was a mini-competition in which players literally had to hit a giant marshmallow as far as they could. With a pair of Detroit Tiger’s tickets on the line, there was some heated competition. Prizes were also offered for men’s and women’s longest drive, straightest drive, and closest to the pin. Everyone had a blast, plus, Team Moncur killed it in the scramble — tying for second place and catapulting us back into the competition.

Kickball Tournament

We’re going to keep the description of the kickball event short and sweet, because, well, that’s exactly how it played out. It turns out, when it comes to kickball, Team Moncur is comparable to the Mighty Ducks, only without Emilio, and without pulling out a win in the end. Though we didn’t make it past round one, we definitely won the team spirit award (yeah, we made that up), and we celebrated our efforts with a team outing to 24 Seconds Bar & Grill for some well-earned drinks.


All of the excitement of the competition culminated at the final event on July 13: Can-Struction. Over the course of the challenge, companies were ferociously working to gather canned good donations to be used in building a unique sculpture. We knew that our “boutique” size was going to put us at a disadvantage for collecting a massive amount of cans, so we leveraged our creativity to design a structure that was smaller, but packed a bigger punch. We landed on a “wall of cans” concept that would depict a fish, and used interactive elements like a bubble machine and tropical music to hype up excitement. Turns out, our structure ended up being the most unique and talked about piece. And better yet, we were able to donate a total of 219 cans to Gleaners Community Food Bank in Detroit!

Though we didn’t take the top spot in the CommUNITY Cup competition (congrats, HAP!), between the camaraderie we built, the fun that was had, and the amount of food we were able to donate to Gleaners, we say it was still a win in the end.

Special thanks to the City of Southfield for organizing this incredible event — we are already looking forward to participating next year!

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