Effective and Ineffective Communication Design

I saw this flyer on Forbes Avenue near campus. I chose it as my example for effective communication design because it delivers information to a target audience in a thorough yet visually appealing manner. It draws in college students by stating “Free Food and Drinks” directly through the center of the flyer in a large font. In a smaller font, the poster has information about location, time, and vendors. Even though this poster manages to include a good deal of information- a description of each food truck and a map of the area, the poster does not look overcrowded or overwhelming. In fact, the graphics, along with the color scheme, make the flyer attractive.

This second image is of a poster that I saw on a Pittsburgh bus. While it does provide a lot of information, it is not visually appealing nor is it concise or clear in its delivery. In an attempt to attract people to participate in a study, it does not inform them that they would be paid until the last line, and it does so in a very small font. Additionally, the images are plain stock photos and there are no graphics. For someone riding a crowded bus for only a few stops, it would be difficult to read all of the information.