Project 3

Exercise 1: Typeface Tracing

Exercise 2: Typographic Voice

Impact is a sans serif typeface that basically gives of an impact in my opinion. For that reason I chose this typeface for rebellion. In order rebel successfully, you have to show that you are rebelling and I feel this font gives that impression, its bold, has a small line spacing and the characters seem bigger which presents the word well.

The Bernard typeface stood out when I was testing other fonts for this word. It looks like it belongs on a poster I like how the R stands out and reenforces the word. The characters are clear, bold, and clean.

Blackoak is an Adobe original font that was released in the 90s. I tried this font and felt like the letters were’nt in sync, the end of the R is slightly bent while the e and l look clean. I felt like this font reinforced the meaning of rebellion because of how the letters look like they are rebelling.

The Jazz font looked like it was the perfect font for this word. The letters are all capitalized, they look load and they’re not so tight together. I liked the design and how the letters looked like they were shouting.

Wide Latin seems similar to Blackoak. The letters are tight, large and bold. The difference I see in Wide Latin is the letters in between seem squeezed in and the letters seem thinner or slicker. I feel like the font does a good job of expressing the word.