Project Three: Didot



Didot is a group of French neoclassical typefaces originally developed by Firmin Didot in the late 18th century. Firmin Didot was a member of the Didot family of printers founded by his grandfather François Didot. Firmin’s brother, Pierre Didot, used iterations of the typeface for his prints as well including his edition of La Henriade by Voltaire. For this reason, the Didot typeface is associated with the Age of Enlightenment.

Characteristics and Usages

Didot is considered a modern typeface with thin stems and hairlines featuring straight, thin serifs without bracketing. Because of it’s elegance, it is used to indicate sophistication and exclusivity. Many fashion brands such as Vogue and Louis Vuitton use Didot typefaces in their marketing material.

Notable Examples