Project Three, Part One

Exercise One: Typeface Tracing

Exercise Two: Typographic Voice

Avenir Next (Ultra Light Italic)

This is my first digital iteration of “future”, and it is my favorite choice. The font that is used is Avenir Next along with a font style of Ultra Light Italic. The italic nature of the typography gives the typography a sense of speed, which is one characteristic of the “future”. The thin, light look of the typography evokes advancement, in parallel with how most technological products are becoming thinner and lighter. The alphabets are all capitalized to depict uniformity.


My second digital iteration of “future” uses the font Silom. In contrast to my first iteration, this typography emits a bold impression and box-like nature. This type of font is in line with what one would expect to find on a computer or program, which seems synonymous with “future”. The uneven height of the “U”s makes the typography to seem to have movement.

Verdana (Italic)

This is my third digital iteration of “future”, and has similar characteristics with my first typography. The font that is used is Verdana while the font type is Italic. The italic nature of the typography makes it seem as if the typography is zooming to the right. Unlike the first typography, this one emits a heavier atmosphere, yet does not seem too heavy that it destroys the sense of movement.


This is my fourth digital iteration of “future”, and it uses the font Corbel. Unlike the aforementioned iterations, this typography is not all capitalized. The clean and simple look of this typography a futuristic or modern look.

Futura (Condensed Extra Bold)

This is my fifth and last digital iteration of “future”. The font that is used is Futura, which seems appropriate with the task at hand, and the font style that is used is Condensed Extra Bold. Unlike my second typography, this typography is more condensed and bold. There is less movement than the second iteration, but the balanced, boxy look of this typography represents technology, which is a characteristic of the “future”.