Type & Hierarchy

Exercise 1: Typeface Trace

Adobe Garamond, Didot, Helvetica, Futura, respectively.

Exercise 2: Typographic Voice

This is the San Francisco (SF) typeface — the iOS, macOS, watchOS system font. It was designed at Apple to increase the readibility of text on smaller devices, specifically on the Apple watch. It is based on the helvetica type face and provides a spacious text to allow for increased readibility. The capacious kerning provides each character with it’s own weight, this makes the text standout as you would expect from something that is supreme.

Arial black is the go to bold typeface. To me, this is the typeface that best represents the word supreme. Since the characters are so large, it gives the whole word weight and heft — a core quality of supreme. Further, the heavy weight of the typeface makes the word dominate the white background, which furthers the perception of supreme.

This is the Trojan Pro 3 typeface. This face reminds me of a fashion typeface. Trojan Pro 3 is a font I would expect on a Vogue or Vanity Fair magazine cover. It‘s an intimate typeface. The tall skinny characters with bracketed serifs provide a fancy look that is in direct juxtaposition with how I perceive supreme. Supreme to me is: blue-coller-use-only-what-you-need-to-get-the-job-done, no-frills-no-thrills, just-the-basics, qualities that Trojan Pro 3 certainly does not attain.

This typeface, Dido, is much like Trojan Pro 3 but ever so slightly more masculine. Each character has a bit more “meat-on-the-bones” so to say, but it still retains the delicate bracketed serif. This font, to me, is far too delicate and refined to be supreme. Especially when supreme reminds me of a supreme pizza, which is a sloppy hodgepodge of meat, cheese, and bread, with no delicacy to it.

This font is Helvetica Neue. Before Apple designed their custom typeface SF, they used helvetica neue. This font is light and airy, which I think pairs interestingly with the rough, and confident ephemeral of the word supreme. However, ultimatly I decided the word was too delicate to effectively represent supreme in its most direct and singular interpretation.


Typographic weights

Horizontal shift or Indentation

Typographic weights & linespacing

Typographic weights & horizontal shift

Horizontal shift & linespacing

Size change & typographic weight