CDF P1: Good & Bad Design


Aquafina Water Bottle

This is a plastic water bottle for people to store and drink water. People drink water all the time. It is intended for almost everyone and they can purchase it in stores. The goal of the design is to hold water effectively. There cannot be any leaking and people should be able to drink water with ease. Furthermore, it cannot be too expensive and should be light and easy to carry along. In addition, being visually pleasing will be ideal because people usually take out their bottles and put them on tables. The design has achieved the goal successfully in many perspectives. Using plastic enables the bottle to hold the water reliably. Since plastic is light, inexpensive, and ductile, this also makes the bottle more accessible and can be carried easily. With a small hole in the top paired with a capsule, people can drink water naturally and drink it multiples time by turning off cap of the bottle. The angle in the middle of the shape of the bottle also makes it easy for users to hold instead of slipping it away.

The bottle wants to communicate a message with water, something that is pure, natural, beautiful, and is a symbol of life. This will attract people to buy the product. The color is mostly blue, representing water and river, and a bit of white, representing ice and glaciers. There are also some waves in the bottle that adds texture to the entire experience. Overall , the bottle’s design is quite effective both in terms of functions and visual effects.



This is a dryer that intends to be used for people to dry up their hands after washing. It is situated in restrooms and is close to the water tap. The goal is to dry up people’s hands and it meets the goal at a very high cost. The dryer blows out extremely strong wind but the sound is so large it annoys people. Furthermore, there is no clear sign of its capacity and users are usually shocked when they use it for the first time. The dryer is big compared to other dryers, taking up more space and electricity. Its price is also a lot higher compared to other alternatives. The color of the dryer is white so it does not have a sharp contrast to the environment, making it hard to be identified. The dryer aims to convey a message that it is highly powerful and this can be seen through the stickers on the dryer. However, the stickers were torned out by other people so that signal is no longer available.

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