Form and Composition

About the Project

The goal of the assignment was to explore how objects in space may illustrate meaning through their spacial placement in the frame. Approximately 30 sketches were created in order to depict six words: rigid, fluid, clumsy, graceful, rigid, and erratic. The sketches were solely composed of solid black boxes. These boxes were allowed to overlap, but had to still resemble squares. We then had to choose two of the three word pairings and create side by side designs for each word. These designs were meant to both function on their own and play off of each other when paired together. The goal of the project was to gain a higher understanding of fundamental design principals.

Project Process

While considering each of the concepts, I thought of real life depictions. For example, the word “rhythmic.” I first thought of music and patterns. In music, rhythm is a repeated pattern of sound. I then tried to visualize these concepts. I sketched out blank outlines of squares in order to get a general idea of the space given and form relationships between the squares in order to convey the general idea.

However, the only downside of keeping the squares blank was that it was difficult to overlap the squares and how the resulting shape would look.

Example sketches

After sketching out a few ideas, I started filling them in to get a better idea of what they would look like. Looking back, I wish I played more with overlapping squares in a more creative sense.

Sketches for “Rigid” and “Fluid”
Sketches for “Clumsy” and “Graceful”
Sketches for “Rhythmic” and “Erratic”

For the final product in Illustrator, I took bits and pieces from my original designs to create the final designs. For the figure/ground relationship square, I took it a bit quite too literally, thinking that all the white space had to be clear cut squares.Overall, I think the biggest challenge I found with this assignment was taking things quite too literally, and not exploring enough or taking enough risks.