P1 | Sketching Thumbnails | Gestalt


The rigidity of the squares was explored by restricting movement and adding layers of inflexibility. There are limited ways of circulating through the arrangement of squares, mostly linear paths.


Fluidity meant having a free flowing formal language with a sense of both singular and arrayed directionality, explored flowing from a dense set of squares to a sparse arrangement.


I tried to incorporate ideas of disorientation and disorder where the arrangement of squares did not follow a system or established rule set.


The arrangement of squares tend to radiate an overall sense of symmetry and order, appearing to be a whole rather than bringing attention to its individual parts.


Similar to the rules explored through the set of “graceful” thumbnails, the rhythmic set was more or less read as a whole because of its tendency to form a pattern. Its repetitive nature makes it harder to draw attention to one particular subject.


Similar to the nature of the “clumsy” thumbnails, the “erratic thumbnail do not follow a particular path or order, the individual squares appear to be distinct, forcing the eye to look at one thumbnail one square or a cluster of squares at a time.