Project 1 — Initial Sketches

My idea generation and first five sketches for RIGID.
My idea generation and first five sketches for FLUID.
My idea generation and first five sketches for CLUMSY.
My idea generation and first five sketches for GRACEFUL.
My idea generation and first five sketches for RHYTHMIC.
My idea generation and first five sketches for ERRATIC.

As shown in my photos above, I had a very streamlined process for how I approached this project. I approached each word separately and really tried to honor the individual nature of each word rather than approaching each word as the half of a pair or as it related to other words on the list.

For each word, I started by consulting a few online dictionary definitions of the word to make sure my assumption of what each word meant was in line with the general understanding of the word. Then, I tried to parse those definitions down into a collection of words that were particularly intriguing, impassioned, or visual. Then I did a basic google search of the word and included an extra bit based off of some content I found. For example, when I searched “rigid”, I found a particularly heartbreaking journal entry by a person who believed she had a rigid personality, so I included some quotes from that. To contrast, when I searched “clumsy”, I found the music video for Fergie’s song Clumsy, so I tried to analyze how she used music to convey a feeling of clumsiness. These tasks helped me get into the headspace of what the word means to me and to the general public (according to my limited google-searching vantage point.)

When I began to tackle the actual sketches themselves, I found it useful to write notes next to them to describe some of my thinking. I didn’t want to forget why I thought each illustration demonstrated each word and I wanted to be able to use every thumbnail as a possible jumping off point for further exploration. As you can see, some descriptions are better than others. I wonder if my exploration was limited by my note writing, as it may have kept my thinking too literal to find even more creative depictions. However, I think some of my favorite pieces are my favorites because thinking in terms of words helped me come up with connections I wouldn’t have otherwise found (like the connections between rigidity and war or rhythm and life for example).