Sketches for P2


The following sketches share the common theme of tension through a “confrontational” or “tight” feel to them. For instance, one of the sketches looks like a tug of war battle between two squares, which I imagined to depict tension quite well.


These sketches represent playfulness by using squares that are either tilted or are lined up in curves. I feel like the image of tilted squares represents the squares to be dancing, which conveys a very positive and jolly sentiment.


A lot of these sketches depict compactness by using larger squares that essentially “trap” smaller squares. The use of tilted squares, in my opinion, further emphasizes the degree of compactness, as it seems like a square is physically falling on smaller squares.


These sketches attempt to represent boundless by considering the concept of infinite. The use of a double headed arrow is a more literal representation of this concept that really resonated with me. The first sketch on the left image is also one of my favorite, as it describes the notion of exponential growth, which gives a more positive touch to the term boundless.


In an effort to depict rhythm, I created sketches that were more repetitive in nature, and conveyed a sense of structure. One of my favorites is the last drawing on the second image, which was inspired by a music visualizer app that creates waves/shapes that match the rhythm of a song.


In contrast to the rhythmic sketches, these sketches emphasized disorder. So, a lot of these sketches contained squares that were in different configurations or sizes to emphasize inconsistency. One of my favorites is the sketch with the squares in the formation of a circle with certain squares that break the uniformity of a circle by jumping out of place.

Further Depth

I further explored two pairs of terms by building on my initial ideas. For a lot of these improved designs, I combined two or more ideas from the 5 initial sketches to create a more complex sketch.