Project 1 Entirety

Andrew Jaung
Jan 25, 2017 · 3 min read

Andrew Jaung

Checkpoint 1:


Here I have documented the 3 word pairs, playful-tension, compact-boundless, rhythmic-erratic.

I personally chose to expand upon tension-playful and rhythmic-erratic. Compact and boundless seemed too closely related to me to fully differentiate them.

Checkpoint 2:

I chose the pairs, playful-tension and rhythmic-erratic. Erratic, I wanted to stack the squares on top of each other to create a layered effect. I couldn’t do this, but I experimented with color to create the image in illustrator.


I think I will end up choosing the left images for each option I designed.

We also had to draw 5 figure-ground images using squares as well.

Thoughts: I incorrectly used the color in my erratic picture, I ended up going back to it in my final and changing the colors around. I could only use one other color other than black so I had to choose a different erratic image. I also ended up building upon the figured ground images I used. To truly get a 50–50 black and white image, I chose a shape (plus) that could fit together precisely like the checkerboards I drew up beforehand. I also ended up changing the corners of my tension image to show that the corners are in fact squares.

Checkpoint 3:

The final layout before printing.

Tension vs playful, erratic vs rhythmic, figure-ground.


After the crit, I realized that many people had the same problem that I mentioned earlier about compact and boundless. It was hard for some people to differentiate between the two, even though they are polar opposites.

I personally enjoyed the crit. As a non CFA major, it was my first crit. I enjoyed the anonymity that was displayed. People overall had the same intuitiveness when deciding which pieces best described the word pairs.

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